Alliance Wars - collecting skulls imbalance

Our alliance is behind in skulls because we have one attack and no defences underway while one of the other alliances has one attack and two defences underway. We are winning our war hands down.


We are only a couple of thousand skulls behind despite the disadvantage and will have to attack those alliances with more skulls to ensure we own most fiefdoms.


Anyway, my point is : The war is not well balanced re: winning skulls so it’s quite possible for an unfair advantage to be obtained which cannot be easily resolved in the war season.


Otherwise a good season as all our players are taking part and collecting skulls.

If you keep winning, you can reach the other alliance and challenge them to war. You can steal their fiefdom and win because you have more of them. Skulls are only the decider if both alliances have the same amount of fiefdoms.

Thanks Vester, yes understood about fiefdoms winning over skulls. We will be able to attack one of two alliances with more skulls in under an hour so let battle commence.



so far so good, into the 2nd round of wars and we have most skulls for the moment. Maybe over the whole season it will even itself out.


A final thought on this. It’s imbalanced. Your skulls depends on how many wars you take part in (and of course how many players on each side take part in the wars) rather than wholly on how well you play so tactics can be employed where you deliberately avoid giving others a war if you think they are competition. In fact we should be encouraged to attack other good alliances not just go for the weakest ones.


a further final thought, an alliance can with luck be third just by doing nothing. We have beaten one of our competitors leaving another alliance who have not taken part with more fiefdoms and capable of 3rd place. Update: The alliance doing nothing are going to be 3rd. The alliance that collected 64,000 skulls will be fourth due to remaining fiefdoms.