Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback


Here you can discuss about the incoming Alliance Wars!

Thats it!? This is something u should of had running weeks ago. You have givin us nothing lol… very disappointing

Um, what’s there to discuss, you haven’t given us anything except a picture and more promises of “coming soon”. We have no details of what it actually is or how it will work.

How about some actual DETAILS please.

Ok let’s discuss… I’ll start by saying “WTF?”

probably gonna cost a lot of gems!! 

Hello Alysea must be a tough job being the anonymous face of Flare. I don’t envy you. 

Since you are taking so long with your update I’m going to assume you’ve got it right this time. 

On behalf of Elite Crew probably the biggest spending alliance in Olympus Rising ever here’s a checklist for you.


● Raise alliance cap at least 30 lvls

● Open new quest Islands lvl 200 min

● Additional blessed units and def 

( Blessed Griffins please!)

● Increase alliance members to 50/50

(To cover increased costs)

● Raise hero and defence levels but double the effectiveness of defence. Make the game harder to win. I used to lose 60 trophies taking on guys I shouldn’t be able to beat. For the past 2 months I’ve been beating everyone every time. If I wasn’t so obsessed with making sure AndyKu and SEAL never see a 1 next to thier names I would have been tired of this long ago.

●World Chat really a good idea? I don’t believe so, reject someones application and they reapply 50x. Do we really need to give them some way of communicating with us? How about being able to block players applying to our alliances. No top alliance is ever going to recruit players doing the quests!

I’m sure I have more ideas but I have wasted enough time. 7000 trophies don’t farm themselves. (Someone has to push ATTACK) 

I hope you faceless people at Flare spending all our money on expensive dinners and nights out are paying attention. 

Kind Regards



nice list wayward, add some events and reward your players for playing your game!! now its all for nothing and let us pay!! we from RED SQUADRON were big spenders too!! but we gave up putting cash in for nothing and waiting for update and hope its worth it!! otherwise there will be a big quit of players!! we are done with this greedy shit of FG!!

was hoping to have a little more info on wars, not much to discuss right now

keep at it Chris/CaptainM, looking forward to what you guys roll out ?

keep us posted Alysea ?

As Olympus Rising only other lvl 45 alliance we regard Red Squad as our only competition. Trophies come and go maxed blessings stay forever. Mutual respect Red Squad.


Just kidding, aren’t you? That’s all of info after a so long time waiting???

??? For once I actually agree with Wayward… You all are dropping the ball a bit and a lot of players that were once really active aren’t as much or worse have left. Definitely agree with all thats been said and thing that Alliances and Players should be rewarded for being on Top 10… This would keep players active and interested and actually give them something to work towards besides bragging rights. Which you can’t even brag because theres no world chat…

I agree your fight for 2nd will be hard.  And I don’t think I would gloat at being 45, we also could of been 45 long ago, but why? to pay double cost for a 5% boost… na we will just keep our 14 day buffs on all 9 available and 200million plus in the bank. 


Well, the only piece of info which is informative is we can only use a limited amount of heroes, and thats it, what can be discussed then? sighs. Alright, keep waiting for more detailed info later this week

Hi Wayward, as this is the only platform we can communicate I’d like to extend my greetings from Red Squadron similar to Crazy.

Don’t know how you find time to be constantly number 1 on the trophy ladder, but hats off you’re the best Olympus Rising player.

I agree with all you mentioned in your post, and would like to extend on 2 things:

  1. Defense: Flare, please make defense worth spending gold/gem/real money. Few months ago, when you released this game attack and defense were balanced. These days I can never understand why you allow people steal trophies even if they retreat at RAID stage (No I’m kidding I exactly know why you’re doing it, and it’s bloody unfair).

  2. World Chat: unnecessary. Being exposed to Game of War, I have seen how disgusting world chat can get. But some sort of in-game communication at world level will be good. Maybe a button next to the player’s name in trophy ladder? Especially with an option to block offenders.

And a suggestion: Olympus Rising has unfortunately became a boring game. I don’t know what you will be bringing with Alliance Wars but it better be exciting. At the moment the game is extremely dull, I seriously cannot be attacking 24/7. Especially if raiders/retreaters can steal my trophies in copious amounts when the only way I can accumulate is 3 cups per attack. Why don’t you bin the trophy system and bring other competition styles? (ie. power count, win/lose ratio, a system that shows who attacked you so you can come at them like a dark horse :slight_smile: )

So Flare, well i guess Alliance Wars is a big milestone. You are facing a deal breaker here if you don’t get this right. No pressure ?

Hi Crabz seems you are a little confused.

Level 45 maxed blessings are cheaper.

You pay the same but the buff is extended longer a lot longer. 

Well done on saving 200mil you’re going to need to need about 800mil from lvl 40- 45. Then another 500mil more to match what we have saved. Looking to go lvl 50 alliance on day 1 of raising the alliance cap. 

Wasn’t gloating before. But I am now.  



iam not confused I have the stats,  you don’t pay the same. But anyhow have fun!


Regarding the gain of trophies when retreating, this will be changed with the next version of the game. :grinning:

The Alliance Wars are definitely a key feature of the game, and we hope it will stir your interest again.

There will be more info coming prior Friday. It takes some time before getting extra information, but the update is really around the corner. :grinning:

Please include war chests so we can get better rewards as alike in royal revolt2…

Maybe an option to gift fellow alliance members as well, and at least a personal messanger option. I do like the name of the “Hall of Uranus” though… Good sense of humor ???