Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

I was wondering if something was changed since beginning of the war. The same opponent I have beaten with >30 s left a few hours ago now requires me to use gems to make it in time. It also would seem that poison damage has been increased dramatically. Any ideas ?

The user may have upgraded the defense in the meantime? Currently I’m upgrading 3 towers at once. 

No that is definitely not the problem, the defense is much much stronger now. Another thing I noticed is that there is something wrong when attacking opponents on the mainland. I chose Zeus to attack and I got Hercules on the screen. I thought I confused the heroes but it was Zeus that was moved to the attacked island. Something seems to be messed up here ! 

Regarding the defense, did you use the same hero?

Also it is more likely that, as stated above, your opponent made changes in his defense.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. :grinning:

The cooldown is extremely too long! We fight on 4 fields at the moment and must wait for 4 hours to make ONE attack …

You know that only your top 1 battle per hero vs an enemy is counted?

Like if you got Cadmus, Odysseus and Ariadne: top fight with Ariadne vs enemy A counts, top fight with Cadmus vs enemy B counts etc.

Any additional VP is added to your personal rewards but not to the Alliance score.

I don’t like you made even WAR feature pay to win:

  • Prestige level 19 let you use 3rd hero = means you have 50% more victory points versus players without level 19 or without celestial boost on.

  • Victory points reward is same crap as trophy reward. Higher ascension level you are more points you get. Maximum number of victory points you can get for hardest target is 900+ascension level (in case you are 80+, for lower ascension base is not 900). Total sux.

Total fail.

Thanks, now I understand it. 

For the problems with the 3rd hero, I think that you should only be able to use 2 heroes per island, so if you have 3, you can attack more islands, but the score on one island is like other players.

Don’t care if this is the fight forum for this. But you just lost a long time customer who has paid ALOT of $ to play this game.  

Out of nowhere now when I regenerate my heroes their powers don’t regenerate.  Six months playing and you completely screw up the game.  How the HELL is anyone supposed to get past a point where they died if you don’t give them their powers back?? That’s why we spend the ambrosia and gems!  

Stupid. Zero star review for you rip off artists.

I agree with Midas. 

u should have a skill to attack not just money…

alliance wars are awesome…

winning depends on the number of active players more than the power of some members, so I think that to choose the 4 guilds, the number of members should be an important factor.

Would it be such a loss to stop giving dominance in battle chests once dominance is maxxed? I am so sick of getting Eternal and Godlike battle chests filled with nothing but grey items and Godlike dominance. Would it really cost you that much to give some prestige, a few gems or even some bonus victory points instead of something that is maxxed?

all them bulls dying for nothing…

A hero level 20 recovers fury in less than 2 hours, and he is maxed in less than 6 Hours. If we go to sleep for example we miss fury points (and if we do not sleep, we waste the points no playing well  :stuck_out_tongue: ).

What I mean, is that it would be nice if we begin at 3 points like now, but instead of max 3 we had max 6-8 points. This way, we are not required to play all day long. It must be a game, not an obligation.

Also having more available points, makes possible to have for example players that have the celestial boost 19 activated begin with max points instead of 3 and only have 2 instead of 3 heroes for example. (or regenerate points faster).

I’m really getting tired of flaregames never ending money grab. Every “upgrade” costs more and more gems to play. The game is goood,but not that good. As soon as I use up my existing gems I’m out of this game. Enough is enough!

Thanks for the feedback so far!

Any additional comments or suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:

active war zones are barely visible