Alliance Wars Feedback Poll

Hey everyone,


Ever since launching the Alliance Wars, we have been gathering your prolific feedback. Through all the useful comments we received, we compiled a list of ideas which we believe are all worthy additions to the game. One, several or even all of the listed in this poll options can become game features of Royal Revolt 2 depending on how the whole community feels about them.

With you lies the great power and great responsibility to decide which improvements will become a part of the upcoming game updates.


You have the unique opportunity to influence the gameplay of Alliance Wars and we strongly urge you to take your fate in your own hands!




The Royal Revolt 2 Team



Greetings Jack,


I miss a very important poll option, namely

  • Change back war season to original length of 5 days (war duration 23:30) and increase cooldown period between war seasons.

Players at least get the chance this way to start and finish upgrades before the start of next war season. Another advantage of this is that the game will be less time demanding and everyone can plan to fight on the time of the day it suits him/her best.





Genie and Master

None of the above :slightly_frowning_face:

Increase boost duration and limit the possibility to always keep boosts active but the only condition is you “must not increase the cost of boost with increase in boost duration”,otherwise this idea is waste.



Why do you think would they do that ? You know, from a point of view of a company it’s more beneficial to have 5 rounds of wars during 4 days than  5 days. I miss the old set up too, 5 days of wars with 23:30 war duration was way more better than what we have now. But again, people asked to shorten war seasons and make breakes longer, they asked about less intense wars, less grinding, less time consuming system and then, out of nowhere, Flare made an update which made war seasons more intense and  forced us to grind even more, not even thinking about time zones and how  every day it affects players from different parts of the world. 


Now they introduced handicapped skull bonus forcing us to grind even 2-5 time more than opponent.


And now here’s a poll, all these ideas are more or less at the same low level of usefulness. Three of these ideas are about additional prizes, which imo, after introducing magic chests are not that important anymore, there are things more important to be fixed to make AW more interesting. I’ve chosen “Uniqe season modifiers” since this is the only idea that would made these wars less boring and more interesting. Who cares about the additional prizes when you don’t want to play in a boring, handicapped system.

None of the list  :slightly_frowning_face:

^^^ as above

Jack Any plans in future to make wars less intense?


Slowly I am feeling like working for this game by paying money  :wink:


Not likely.

That has probably been the most requested change before the poll. And did it make it into the poll? Nope. Go figure…

This feels like a poll where you have to choose the less worst…


There have been few players who have written huge post to improve the game with lots of brilliant idea many players are liking (e.g. ). Why not picking up these idea and making a poll about them? I’m sure the enthusiasm would be slightly different.

I voted for more rewards other than the boosts in the alliance wars


I have certain members who do not feel the boosts are worth their effort


I think a really neat idea would be granting gold shields for active alliances. maybe base it on skulls instead of fiefdoms.


at the end of the war, depending on how many totals skulls the alliance gets, each member is given a free  gold shield of certain length to activate when they please. but you cannot store more than 1 war shield so use it before next season!


OR to make it a lot easier just give out gems so players can buy gold shields on their own or use the gems for many other gem purposes :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack, I gotta say I’m disappointed, you said there were going to be 20 options in the poll, so I was expecting that and the probability to choose multiple options, in this one I feel like I have to choose what sounds relatively better, but you missed many great suggestions that the players mentioned…

AND ALSO, you said you would start the pool on Monday 13th, but we had to wait two and a half weeks more, which is too much…

This poll , useless

Considering the last thread “Alliance war feedback wanted” we were promised a poll with the most common requests, here I can’t see anything from what players suggested. Or at least these aren’t the most common requests.

I vote for nothing. We asked for longer breaks, and less intense wars… Where is it?

More rewards for the whole alliance or specific players for wars is definitely what I want.

Our team has so many great players I wish they had more rewards honestly.


And unique modifiers are doing great so far!

Right now the game feels like we are playing solely in preparation for a war season. Every day we aren’t at war is just another day we are waiting for the war to start again… One wonders how on earth this game was played before war was introduced. I’m not even sure I remember anymore. Having everything revolve around war makes this game tiresome. It feels like work, not fun.

I am all for testing our mettle against other alliances. That is a great idea, and this game is not complete without it… but war needs to be far less frequent.


The duration for each battle needs to go back to 24 hours, and the cool down period between wars needs to be much longer. The thought of an upcoming war needs to be exciting. Something we look forward to. Instead, it is something that I personally dread, because I am tired of it. Who wants to do the same tedious thing for so many days, over and over again…? To be honest, wars aren’t even interesting! Just constant grinding of the easiest enemy you can 3 crown. I’ve actually lost sleep trying to win wars! Before we talk about improving the mechanics of wars, or adding anything new to them, lets first change their frequency. I think that is the most critical point right now…

The only relevant option i can see here is less players grinding.


The rest are useless and irrelevant. Will only make us invest even more time in this game. Was expecting a little bit more from flares.


It’s frustrating, how all those really good ideas are completely ignored and flares are only trying to pull issues that suits only their greediness.


This poll is disappointing.

This is a total waste of time, we wanted war changed back to 5 days and a longer break between wars.

Why isn’t this option in your poll?

I am leader of Shadow Fall Alliance its tough trying to recruit  between wars we have never taken part in the war season with a full membership, come on flare give us leaders and generals a break.

I chose more rewards for the best warriors.  :stuck_out_tongue: