Alliance Wars Feedback Wanted!

Hello community,


We want to reach out to you get your feedback regarding Alliance Wars.


We are aware that Alliance Wars have had some ups and downs since their introduction and you were actively discussing both sides on the forums. Users even have created extensive lists of feedback and suggestions. Thanks to our forum’s own Joekee and Revenant, just to name a few (you can find their amazing work here and here, respectively).


In the light oft these discussions, we want to make sure that you know our devs are listening!

This is why we want to give everyone on the forums who is willing to participate the possibility to give us their own, personal feedback on how to make Alliance Wars a better gaming experience for all of us.


This is where you come in!



  • Please answer this thread and tell us your Top Three Suggestions for Alliance Wars!
  • Feel free to explain how and why you would want to implement these changes in future Alliance Wars.


On Monday the 13th, we will start a poll in the forum on your Top 20 suggestions and the top-voted ones will be directly forwarded to the development team.


We hope for your eager participation and also don’t forget to tell your friends (and foes) to get on the forums and take part in this discussion!





Jack, please just fix the bugs first, alliance wars are secondary if you can’t even fight properly. I did feedback on your bugs topic heading about wolf howl, froster strength and the fact the bliz/sR bug isn’t totally fixed … no flare response!

Tbh I want the suggestions that revenant made on his thread about saving rr2, but its really good to know that we are being heard and I finally feel better about the game

Finally some changes are going to happen !


  1. Fix war matchamking system, the previous one based on number of fiefdoms was better than the current one, however it had some drawbacks for lower level alliances - number of fiefdoms and number of members are two different things, the latter one plays a huge role in current war mechanics - in my personal opinion alliances fighting each other should have equal number of members so I would like to see an option to be able to choose members who will fight in war and those who will take a break. It would also help top alliances with 60 members, believe me, we don’t like grinding for 4 (earlier 5) days straight. We all have our personal lives, now there is a summertime, it’s impossible to have 60 active members, everyone wants to take a break. Current war mechanics expect us to grind every day, every hour - it made us hating this game, not enjoying it. Back to my original thought about matchmaking system, currently, there are 5 strong alliances and you put them in 3 different tiers ! With no competition those 5 alliances are becoming stronger faster than ealier when 5 of them were put in one tier. Fighting with no competition isn’t fun either for these top alliances or lower alliances who don’t even try to fight back.


  1. I would  like to also see additional rewards than those three elite boosts we can get now. There should be reward for the most active players within an alliance (gems, shields, pearls, vouchers, whathever). Maybe also there could be a reward for alliances with the most skulls ? Either within one tier or maybe within all tiers ? Sometimes alliances put a really great effort but it’s not enough to win a fief and although their great effort they end up being 4th, 5th, 6th.


  1. This one will be connected with what I said earlier, the grinding every war is horrible. I don’t what you should do, how you should do it, I’m not a dev so I have no idea, but you should come up with a better system for these alliance wars. Those who have plenty of free time, umlimited food, unlimited gems will grind skulls like crazy. These wars shouldn’t be only about this horrible grinding. Make is somehow different - maybe each player should be able to fight only 10-15 times in a war ? Or maybe unable option of scrolling during wars, let’s the best fighters be the best. Or the more scrolls you use, the less skulls you get ? I know it will limit your income but come on, let us have some fun. Or come up with different challenges in alliance wars, every day of the war we will have to do something different once it will be about skulls, once about no scrolls, once about something different.



As you have read the threads by Joekee and Revenant, you must be aware of the fact that these Alliance Wars aren’t the only problem of this game. The game suffers from lack of new content, lack of  creativity. It is full of bugs (currently voucher system and wolf howl) and it’s boring. So please, don’t focus only on Alliance Wars, there are plenty of things that must be fixed and reworked. And please, don’t focus only on players’ suggestions, it will be great if you can implement some of our ideas but  you should come up with your own ideas so that we can be surprised when the new update comes.

1st suggestion - Alliance Wars must award top 3 alliances with Alliance Gold for levels progression, otherwise game would not have enough teams to compete (cause there is currently no normal way to level up alliance for free) and enough motivation for AW participations. This could also be improved by making separate gold for boosts and levels, so that boosts cannot be prolonged by gold from winning AW. Also, higher tiers of AW must award more gold than lower ones, otherwise alliances would exploit it and lose on purpose. Gold for that must be calculated so that completely free alliance could reach level 55 from level 1 in 5 months with 50% win rate.

2nd suggestion - 1) Remove 60 hours restriction completely and reduce skulls that could be earned when guy leaves an alliance. 20% reduction if he was out of main alliance for 1 hour or less and returned, +20% to this debuff for each leave and return during the same war, 80% reduction in skulls if he was out for more than 10 hours and only then returned (less hours outside = less restriction %).

2) 30% reduction if guy changes alliance (plus additional reduction for every hour after the first one he was not in this alliance up to 80%, so that there would be no people waiting outside). Reduction applies to current wars only, meaning guy could participate fully in the next one (without restrictions, but only if he never left this alliance in previous war), but to do so - he must be present in this alliance in the previous war with his restriction on skulls (if player left during previous war at least once - he would receive debuff on skulls for the next one, so that there would be no “sudden jumpers”).

3rd suggestion  - Make a kingdom for the whole alliance to build, where fiefdoms could be used for some structures (lands with structures around the castke, maybe some of them even inside the castle), which would be lost and cannot be used again, once an alliance lose those fiefdoms. Just a huge catsle with different things build on fiefdoms, each gives bonuses for the alliance. Castle could be upgraded with better walls, towers and cannos on them, and else (something like gardens too), those structures on fiefdoms could be upgraded too. I understand that it would take a huge effort to make it - but it would be really awesome, and is a win in a long run - cause after that, some Castle on Castle real time Alliance Wars could be implemented :slight_smile:

Well first, I have a question: How are alliances matched up now if not on fiefdoms? I will edit this post with my suggestions later on!

To the players, Flare is finally making a statement and visibly ready to listen. Where is everyone at now…?

Alliances are still matched by fiefdoms :slight_smile:

  1. Please remove 60 hour Player Cool down system and keep it Open for an all out war


  1. Decrease the Gold rates for appointing War Champions and allot 1 FREE slot for Champ and Shield for weaker alliances


  1. Get us some special use to our Pearls as they are mostly useless except for scrolling. Bring some special Doom Towers and special doom units which can only be built by Pearls. Keep this special update for limited time and player can increase the cool down period of these units and towers with pearls.



We expect a real use for pearls. I also prefer to hear a good new background song for the game. 


WAR Cool down must be increased to 5 days as we also have PRIVATE WORK LIFE and this game is not only our priority. 


Also Please remove Player “Connected” and “Disconnected” messages from GENERAL CHAT. It is very much annoying spam and at times i miss my friends messages in the public alliance chat.


Stop looting our real money as we are already exhausted. Please bring PvE game mode in a vivid fashion and make the PvE mini game scroll free and also the whole alliance can play this mini game on a timely basis.This is more a PAY TO WIN GAME now. Please also give us some fun. This game has become so routine , we need changes… we need changes really soon.





A free way to level alliance would fix problems with low members alliances*

Currently systems still matches alliances by fiefdoms, but in top 3 tiers Flaregames shuffle top alliances by their own hands.

Creating a rankings by total skulls would result in a first place being an alliance with most wars per season. Better to create rankings by most skulls in a single war, measured in each season separately*

About grinding system - it was already done in other games. Create a sequence of 5-15 difference bases from bottom players to the top ones, and the most strong player from the alliance as the last base. You can’t earn any extra skulls, but you earn fixed amount for each base, and you can get them just once, beating the last player would give the most skulls. That is different system, and I can’t say that it’s better. But it can’t be grinded.

Like Drum said, Fixed the bug First!!

I don’t need war in “Handicap” sittuation!

It’s disheartening to see Flare ignoring the complaints leveled against the most recent changes:

  1. changing quest rewards from gems to vouchers is the second time that Flare has changed the rules in the middle of the game, and a lot of players feel cheated by this.

  2. No one understands how vouchers are calculated, but it seems like a worthless system to anyone other than brand new players who level-up quickly and have many quests to complete.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that Flare is listening to us, but where have they been these past few weeks? Their support has become slow and ineffective; their response time has increased greatly, and I still have a friend who cannot connect to the game weeks later (he appears active and online to members of his alliance when he tries to connect, but he keeps getting a connection error message).

With regards to Alliance wars, the main problem stems from larger alliances being placed with much smaller alliances. Somehow, skulls should be averaged to help negate a discrepancy in total number of players.

I’m also not a fan of the collusion occurring at the top of the alliance leaderboard (especially mercenaries), but that was created largely because fiefdoms are almost a zero-sum game. The only new fiefdoms created come from the very bottom (new alliance = 3 new fiefdoms for higher-ranked alliances to pillage). The top alliances have apparently agreed to help each other gain fiefdoms together, but more slowly. The end result will be a huge equality gap in fiefdom count between the top 10 alliances and everyone else. They should have more fiefdoms than lower alliances, but that gap will only get larger, proportionally to other alliances, allowing the rich to get richer and everyone else becomes impotent.


I think there will be a Max fiefdom amount at some point, they will run out of boosts to offer, so just like in alliance levels many will catch up in the long term.

  1. Shields & Champions are way too expensive and heavily favor top alliances. For alliances that aren’t rich it just pushes them further down the barrel.

They should either be free and we get 2 of each per war, free and we get 5 of each or more per season, or drastically reduce the cost and give us 4 per war.  Really they are so expensive how can we have boosts and shields and champions and compete.

This is a feature purely for the alliances that are already on the top.



  1. Keep us updated on the rules. We are figuring new rules out every war. Once we get a handle on this current season everything changes and gets worse.



  1. Allow us to see the last 5 or so alliances an applicant was in. It is too hard for Flare to implement a rule that will diminish the amount of spies so give us the information to figure it out on our own. We can play detective all day just give us the information to do so.

add time and date they joined and left at least there 5 previous alliances.

Every alliance out there uses spies and it is just disgraceful. I would really enjoy it if we were able to handle them ourselves easier.

  1. Match alliances by more than tiles.  It is impossible for an alliance with only 30 members to beat an alliance with 40 members, no matter how hard they work.  It makes alliances just give up, and that makes the rest of the war less fun for the stronger alliances.  Alliances should be matched by level, number of active members, tiles, etc.


  1. Either extend the time between wars or give alliances the option to opt out of every other war season.  Again, many alliances just don’t want to fight another war just a couple days later – maybe want to spend some time building their bases, or strengthening their team – and so don’t fight.  That again makes it less fun for everyone else.  Sure, you want to make sure alliances fight but a longer layoff is needed.


  1. Only award boosts won in the war to soldiers/kings/leaders that fought in the war.  This will reduce all the alliance jumping and help ensure that folks who benefit from these additions are the ones who participate in Royal Revolt II.  Too many alliances lose or gain members based on their war boosts, making it harder to create solid teams and less fun for the players.

I gave my suggestions now I want to say how bad vouchers are… Why add another currency and make it worthless?

Only adding 1 voucher friend per person is just stupid. I already have too many friends.

I have made 160 vouchers so far… At this rate I will have 170 vouchers in a years time.


Stop making the game harder for new players. I highly recomend no new players join this game as it is pay to win in every aspect.

There is no longer a way to build and become a decent player without spending money and it gets worse everyday.



Flare will make topic after topic and still won’t get anything done. How much more time do you guys need?

You have had plenty of time to fix what you have but we keep getting shitty new features and bugs.

The saying is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” well it is broke and Flare seems to have there own saying “if it ain’t broke break it”.



The pay to win aspect of this game is just way off. The competition is stagnent because no one can level up there alliances or as individuals.

This post isn’t to convince Flare to change things since i am sure they will pick the worst features and suggestions from this and focus on them. Nothing will change and Flare will just continue to suck the blood from our veins like a gay vampire with vacuum cleaner.

No alliance wars items first, just so Flare reads them:


1/ Scrap Vouchers.  Nothing but an annoying, irritating scam that does not even work properly.

2/ Give us back the gems you stole from our earned achievements.

3/ Fix the bugs.

4/ Ban cheaters, and act on reports of cheaters.



About Alliance Wars:


1/ Make the game less Pay to Win, by scrapping champions and shields, and also scrapping use of Scrolls in wars.


2/ Make wars less of a grindfest, by limiting skulls earned to a set number of attacks only.  eg. only 5 attacks can be made.   This will introduce a tactical risk vs reward aspect.



I recognise Flare will HATE my suggestions.  I also fully recognise Flare need to earn money, but they have gone much too far with their extreme greed.  Flare’s single-minded optimisation of short term revenues work to severely reduce players’ (customers!) enjoyment.  Flare risk the long term future of RR2 as a result.


Often less revenue in the short term leads to greater revenues in the long term.  Just look at CoC and BB.  Then look at what happened to greedy, short term focused, Zynga.


Flare, learn the lessons of history - or be doomed to repeat them!

Is CHILD really making a third rant in this thread? Yes I believe he is.


I am making another post because this is something that needs to be dealt with immediately by Flare and that is cheating.

We all know who the cheaters are, and we know Flare allows them to cheat because they buy gems.

There are more cheaters besides the few alliances that are full of them.



Why is it okay to hack the game? Flare doesn’t seem to have a rule against this that I know about.

Is there an investigation? Has anyone been banned for cheating ever? Why should the alliances that fight with there own strength have to fight cheaters in wars?

Not only do we need to pay to win, but now we must cheat to win?


Personally I refuse to cheat and will not allow these kind anywhere near our alliance, but questions needs answers.

  1. Make Alliance wars an optional feature, and not mandatory ( Alliances could sign up to participate 24 prior ) We need time to do upgrades especially with 3+ days to upgrade farms etc.

This would also do away with any and all arguments concerning 60 hr cooldown. you fight with what you sign up with.


  1. See suggestion #1 



  1. See suggestion # 2



See how easy this would be 

Now champion buffs made it possible :slight_smile:

I feel the war season is just too intense, one war every 24 hours was much better, a longer rest period between  seasons would be nice too as I am starting to feel war is a bit of a chore, since it was changed to every 18 hours.

And fix the Bugs too