Alliance Wars- Fighting Dirty

Okay so this is a place to name alliances that use tactics you see as fighting dirty, or something you want other alliances to know.

This is a place for sharing information between everybody.

I will say this now everyone might not see my alliance as squeaky clean but you can find most the tactics my alliance uses in another thread in “GD & Q” ;]




Vietnam Xuanmau- Had top members from almost every Vietnam alliance join us and drop there bases so the enemy could get skulls from them.

We still embarassed them at every turn and took #1.

Edit: They do this in most of there wars I do have confirmation from toher alliances.




Corea Alliance- Had a pact with the VN alliances to do the same thing in the same war… Again we took #1. ;] they are also filled with VN members.

Edit: They do this in most of there wars I do have confirmation from toher alliances.




iNtenSe- Had a member join our alliance by the name of “campbell” and weaken his base so he would be in our alliance and weak for the next war. He tried the same thing with “The Lions Den” and “Hello World”. They do this in every war against every alliance.

Edit; All these alliances have the same fiefdom count and will likely meet eachother in our next war.

They also resort to bashing in recruitment threads for alliances as they have in mine!

If you have any type of negative contact with this alliance they will repeatedly post inflammatory messages in your alliance threads for recruitment or otherwise.

This is a fact. You may look in my recruitment threads for proof of the lengths this alliance will take to attack your morale during war time.



#Edit by Heroesflorian:

At least part of those statements are definitely not true, some are one-sided and provoking.

If you read this post, don’t just believe its content, but rather read through the whole topic before taking any conclusions. 


Campbell left for his own decisions you better erase my name off the list


we have never used this tactic you mention…


you are a disgusting player CHlLD…


Then why did he join and get kicked from all the alliances that you will be in wars with next round? And why did he join “iNtEnSe” again right after?


He was in 4 different alliances within an hour and he started with you guys and went back to you guys.

You are just mad that I have contacted the people you have tried to infiltrate and my team does not like spies.


You want me to believe all of this was a coincidence?

You better bring facts. My entire alliance watched all this go down.


Edit: I have hit campbells base many times and he hardly ever changes it. And he never changes his waves that I’ve seen. His waves and tower arrangement changed the most I’ve ever seen when he joined my alliance straight from yours. I have sent him many invites so why did he join right before our war? I need answers and i need to know why he went back to your alliance before I change any of this. I smell a rat and I’m not the only one.

you know absolutely nothing so shut up man… the guy never chats to anyone in game


I have no idea why he left so we re invited him. he can do w.e the fuck he wants now because he is no longer permitted in our alliance


and ya his base sucks because he doesn’t participate in any form of communication with the alliance… he has been with us for so long simply because of his 150k donation and his scores during wars


I love how you admit to inviting him many times, like you do most of my members… they are kinda fuking sick of it dood


god your just such an asshole…

Ok, here I go…  :sunglasses:




Someone from YOUR alliance invited campbell, and then he came back to us. And then left us and JOINED your alliance again! If you thought he was cheating why did u accept him???


and how do you know if our alliances are gonna be in the same war map??? I’m pretty sure theres a lot of other alliances with the same fiefdom amount that we have. 


BTW, C.I.A. has been inviting our members since long time ago!



iNtEnSe has  N-E-V-E-R  been in war with “The Lions Den” and “Hello World”!!

War screenshots of all our war season…

War Season1


War Season2


War Season3


War Season4


War Season5




But if “…this is a place to name alliances that use tactics you see as fighting dirty…”, well 


C.I.A. - the leader tries to spread fake rumors about other alliances.

CIA invites members from weaker alliances this is common knowledge.

And he joined all the alliances with the same fiefdom count as your alliance.

And the alliances with the same fiefdom count are the alliances you will likely face

And he weakened his base.

And after joining all these alliances he went back to intense.

And after I made this topic exposing you he left intense.



We let him back in our alliance to let him know we are coming for you guys and we know your tactics now. :sunglasses:


Edit- CIA, intense, the lions den, and hello world have the same fiefdom count.

good thing we already decided not to compete in the next war season


not to mention we actually have more members than CIA its simply because you are an that you are higher in the leaderboard

He is in my alliance explaining himself and chatting a whole lot right now…

If you can’t explain any of this the reasons I have brought up it is because you were caught with your pants down.

well tell me wtf he is saying because he has never used our in game chat before

He is defending himself and your alliance… He is saying everything I’ve heard spies say before…

man I literally don’t even care anymore. believe whatever you can think of

Okay, first things first… guys, calm down a bit and stop any insults and swear words! Further insults will definitely not be tolerated here. 

If you want to argue, use arguments.


Next, publicly defaming other alliances without solid proof isn’t any better. 


Complaining that someone joined you during season break after you spammed him and many others with invites definitely is no proof of anyone else cheating or “fighting dirty”.


Using wordings such as:


Based on a single observation doesn’t seem like profound research either…


And when they clearly argue they didn’t even use the tricks you stated even a single time, it feels quite biased to generalize things that are only based on speculations. 


We would notice that. You know my alliance is watching people that come in from enemy’s.

Anyone would.

He weakened his base so we wouldn’t notice a change in his base and it could still be beaten easily.

Oh wow, this is ridiculous.


You’re probably just trying to unite other alliances to attack us, so your alliance, with 5 members missing won’t be a target.



Did you read and understand what Darkerion just said? 


He said, if they were wanting to create a skull mining backdoor within your alliance, they would only open that during a running war, and not days ahead, in order to give you no chance of seeing the backdoor in advance. 


You replied, you would notice and state that player opened his base already a day before start of season, in order to make you NOT see it before start of war?  :blink:


Your alliance is top 39, there’s no point on making his base weaker before the start of the war, because your alliance would never keep a weak player for a war season!