Alliance wars !!! Great but have many prolems

Alliance wars have came. It’s great when you can fight together with all member else in your alliance. I really love that thing. Thanks flaregames!

But I realized this “alliance war” mode which had many problems. Firstly, about reward, I think we should have gems in reward for alliances who were ranked 1. Secondly, about member of alliance , I wondering if my alliance has many members than others, will we win? . Cuz I think if we have many members than others, I will gain more skulls. Finally, the most important thing, member of many alliances have a plan for cheating. Why did I say that? Cuz they said a half members,who are high level,will leave our alliance. It will help them search enemies who are weaker than them. Then a half members,who left their alliance,will come back their alliance and join the war. It’s NOT FAIR. That was reason I want you can change the rules in Alliance wars. I suggest you should " lock" all members in per alliances when they start new alliance wars. If they have new members who won’t join the alliance wars,when their alliance is fighting.


you can post feedback about alliance war there , creating too many different topics is not ideal for mods and admins to keep up with the inputs


I’ll lock this topic now and post your feedback in that topic I’ve linked