alliance wars: how are they made.

i was just wondering how alliances are matched up in wars. is it alliance rank/trophy count, no. of fiefdoms, lvl of alliance or wut? ty

Good question. I’m sure about the fiefdoms. Not sure about the rest. Here are the stats for our current war season so you can compare:


All alliances had 11 fiefdoms at the beginning of the season


Alliance 1: 20/22 members (all active),      level 17, rank 1154, highest member 2180 trophies, level 58

Alliance 2: 13/18 members (1 not active), level 13, rank 1922, highest member 2523 trophies, level 74

Alliance 3: 15/23 members (all active),      level 18, rank 1688, highest member 230 trophies, level 70

Alliance 4: 09/18 members (all active),      level 13, rank 2202, highest member 2670 trophies, level 76

Alliance 5: 16/20 members (6 not active), level 15, rank 2836, highest member 2336 trophies, level 64

i think it’s fiefdoms then because all alliances had 14 fiefdoms each where as everything else was all over the place just like yours. thanks for sharing btw. :slight_smile: