Alliance Wars - Livestream

Hello everyone,

On Friday 16th September, around 5pm GMT +2,  you will have the opportunity to have a deeper look into the Alliance Wars.

We will have a livestream introducing the incoming version of Olympus Rising and the so-requested Alliance Wars.

We will share the link in this topic prior the beginning of the stream so you can join us! If you are late and miss the beginning of the stream, no worries, you will be able to watch it again later on. :grinning:

Stay tuned for more information, and prepare yourselves for battle!

Your Olympus Rising Team


The livestream which will take place later today will be visible using this link:

Enjoy the rest of the day and see you soon!

Your Olympus Rising Team

Hi there,

Do not forget to join us in our livestream starting soon!


As there seems to be an issue when broadcasting on mobcrush, we will try again in a few minutes.

We will let you know when we are up and running!


The new stream will begin in roughly 20 mins.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi all,

If you missed the livestream, no worries you can still watch the broadcast using the link provided above.

The transcript of the stream will be available before the end of the weekend.

We hope you enjoyed what you saw and you’re as impatient as we are to jump into the wars!

Transcript of the broadcast


Sam: Hey guys, better late than never! How long do we got before the end of the preparation phase? 1 minute!

Chris: You’ve already seen the new UI and Community menu

Sam: … and the broadcasting which we’ve now added. You can see we got this top bar at the top which got these new features. Let’s jump straight into the war preparation.

Chris: No this is not the right screen… This is so good…

Sam: Ok, 1 minute until it starts.

Chris: The preparation will start in 1 minute so we have all the time in the world, cool!

Sam: How long is the preparation time then?


Chris: 10 minutes! Maybe we should get some drinks?


Chris: We will delete all messages here from our tests.

Sam: Ok so, at least it’s working. So welcome everyone to the first Olympus Rising livestream at last. We are live from the development studio here in Frankfurt. I am Sam the producer

Chris: And I am Chris the designer.

Sam: And basically what we’re gonna do when the correct times is being shown for the war is that we will run through the main aspects of the new features and Chris will play and I’ll narrate a bit and tell you a bit about everything that’s going on.


Chris: And we hope our internet connection will not fuck up again. Sorry.

Sam: We’ll manage! First of, let us tell you a little bit about a few other things that we changed in the game with the new version which is coming out. So the first thing we’ve done is that we’ve gotten rid of the Alliances & Social menus and we put them together into a single Community menu where you can access all that information. Since we didn’t really need both menus to be separated anyway because that’s kind of confusing. And now that means the UI is a little bit less cluttered. As you may have already seen, we’ve also taken out the mailbox from this whole menu and put it into this new top bar which we added. We also put the most useful menus in this top bar so you can access them at any time. So you got the Quests , the Inventory for the chests , obviously the Mailbox that we’ve already showed you and the video recording and live broadcasting is now also found in this menu.


Chris: We got a message!

Sam: Oh! Let’s have a look. “Prepare for War”

Chris: Awesome!

Sam: “The preparation for the next War has started. Choose your Heroes!”

So the preparation is the first phase of the War and that’s when you will be choosing your Heroes. The whole idea here is that you can have up to 3 Heroes in the War. Once they are in the War, they can’t be used anywhere else. They can’t be used to defend your islands or to attack other players on your island map, or to gain resources. Obviously normally the preparation phase is a little bit longer than 10 minutes, don’t worry about that. It will be 24 hours in the real War. For now for the purpose of this broadcast we just set it to 10 minutes so you don’t have to sit there forever and we continue with the explanation tomorrow.


Obviously when you first start the game you only have one Hero so how does that work?

The idea is that at first you start with only 1 available Hero slot. You unlock the second one when you unlock the Hero Ariadne and then you can take 2 Heroes into War. The last one is unlocked by reaching Celestial Boosts level 19.


Chris: Maybe we should have a look at the boosts? So let’s see the Boosts menu.

Sam: We’ve just added it in the existing Celestial Boosts and you can find it here.

Chris: You will also not lose any boost, we just added the second level of a boost, I don’t know which boost it was, but you will get the full bonus at the first level right away. So there are still 30 Boost levels and at level 19 you will unlock the 3rd Hero slot for the Wars.


Sam: Maybe we should have a look at the Heroes we are taking into battle?

Chris: Yes sure! So the game has already selected Perseus, Helene and Odysseus for me. I think I won’t take Odysseus into the War because his items are not that good yet.

Sam: Ariadne is cooler anyway. I think she is my favourite out of all of them.

So over here on the right of the screen you can see the War rewards for the current War. These are the rewards we will be giving away in the first War which goes live next week. So they are War boosts and if you come first you win all 3, if you come second you win 2, if you come third you win 1. Let’s go through them quickly.


The first boost at the top is the Styx Tower which is an upgrade for the Charon Tower. Basically what this means is that Charon Tower can now spawns Sirens in addition to the normal units that it usually spawns. This makes it pretty powerful obviously. It is even more powerful when you combine it with the second War boost which is the Siren of Persephone. This makes your Sirens able to withstand fire attacks and every time they scream they’re going to heal every ally which is standing nearby.

The third and final War boost is the Chaos Gate which is pretty powerful, especially against people who are just using the autoplay. What it does is that your Gate of Apollo creates holes in time and space and sucks units into the great nothingness of Chaos itself.


Chris: That’s such a nice description.


Sam: Yes it’s pretty powerful and can go through units pretty quickly.

Chris: It also keeps them in place, like sucks them in.

Sam: Ah that’s right yes. If a unit gets stuck into one of the holes, it cannot move again.

Chris: So it is especially powerful against melee units such as the Minotaurs or the Cyclops. But also when you get stuck sucked in with your Hero, you have to move out a bit because it will kill you pretty quickly.


Sam: Obviously this is the third boost, that means everyone who gets first, second or third in the Alliance War will win this Chaos Gate , which is a pretty nice boost for your defense. Hm, just some extra info to the Wars, even if you have Zeus and Hades unlocked , you cannot take them into War. They are a little bit overpowered and would make it probably a bit too unfair for people who have Zeus and Hades unlocked. If your Alliance has at least 8 members , that means you can take part in the War. So if you don’t have 8 members yet, please make sure you add some members.

How much time we got?

Chris: Almost 5 minutes. We can have a look at the War boosts menu. It is not very special it is just another menu besides the Divine Blessings menu. Oh, they are actually called War blessings, sorry, not War boosts. Pretty boring right now as we haven’t unlocked any of them.

Sam: But those are the 3 units which will get boosted!

Chris: When you actually win them, you have the option to prolong their duration so you can benefit longer from them.


Sam: Yes but you will only be able to prolong them until the next time you can win them , which means once you reached that point you will not be able to prolong them and only the Alliance who wins the next War will be able to use all three again. By the way, if at the end some of your questions have not been answered by this, feel free to go ahead to the forums or Facebook or Twitter after the stream, and post your questions there and we will get around to answer. If we also noticed there are some questions in the chat which have not been answered, we will make a thread on the forums which answers all of those questions later. For those of you who don’t understand our English, there will be a transcript of the stream later.


Chris: Which you can then read in your language…

Sam: … Yes, by translating it with google! We will post it on the forums in English.

Chris: Oh also there is the LINE chat app … it is basically an inofficial Olympus Rising group, several people can invite you there. For example IHaveCrabz from Worlds End Alliance, Alysea and me we are both active in this chat group so maybe you want to join? In addition to being active on the forums or on Facebook or wherever.


Sam: We plan to do much more streaming like this in the future. Hopefully next time it goes a little bit more smoothly and we will do that for hopefully every new major feature that we do… Maybe for some tips and tricks in between, we will see. Another 2 minutes… Maybe you want to talk a little bit about the new server update we did recently which added a lot of new levels to the buildings?


Chris: Oh yes maybe… But I haven’t unlocked them yet because it is an old version of my private account.

Sam: On your private account you have everything already?

Chris: No my private account is like level 75 I think. This one is level 69, haven’t leveled up everything. So here we cannot see the new levels we added.

Sam: But basically what we’ve done is part of the reason in these new levels is that you guys can have another level of defense for Mount Olympus. A lot of you were saying that it was very difficult to build a defense which is keeping people away. Well these new levels should really help that especially with the new Apollo and Hydra towers levels , as they scale much more quickly at higher levels than the other towers and they can be pretty deadly.


Chris: And if you still find your defense a bit too weak , just wait for the Alliance War. The new War boosts which a lot of people will have will make battles a bit or even a lot harder, depending on how many War boosts they have.


Sam: Also according to your suggestions as well from the forums we’ve also removed the cooldown reset every time a Hero resurrects which means that defenses will get much harder anyway. You will no longer be able to just resurrect your Hero and use your Powers straight away or your Invocations straight away, they will no longer reset when you resurrect.

Chris: We also made a change which should prevent people from farming your defense by hitting your gate and then retreating at the last second. So this should also no longer be possible.


Sam: That all comes with the next version which will hopefully be out next week in time for the first Alliance War. The preparation phase is planned to start on Thursday next week. We’re getting close. Only 20 seconds to go.

Chris: Let’s have a look at like my nice little city stuff.

Sam: It is not as nice as mine but you know it’s ok.

Chris: I have all statues in one place! I think that’s nice…

Sam: Yes, in front of the steps! How do you people go up the steps?

Chris: They don’t have to.

Sam: Well… Ok… That’s not very good city planning then Chris…

Chris: Yes sorry, but it looks nice I think!


Sam: Here we go! “The Alliance War has begun!” As you can see from the text on this screen, all our Heroes have now left the islands and they’ve gone on a war fleet to join with our allies. This means that they can no longer be used on the normal island map. Let’s go and let’s head towards the War map.

So this is our new War map. As you can see, lots of different color for each Alliance. Each Alliance has its own color and we have this big maelstrom in the center to make it look very scary and perhaps in the future there will be features which make more use of this maelstrom. Let’s see… So where are we?


Chris: We are in the bottom left right now. We are the white Alliance.

Sam: So you are a member of Worlds End right now? You’re using your live account already?

So let’s have a look at the standings and see who we’re going against… Oh, that should be a fun battle!

Chris: RED SQUADRON and Masters of Serenity and outlawZ…


Sam: So basically, on the standing screen you can keep track of who is winning the War. As you progress through the War we will show you again and see what the differences are. At the beginning of the War, everyone starts with 10 islands and the objective of the War is to end with the most islands out of all the Alliances on the map. In order to take the islands you can have to declare Strikes and in order to fight in the strikes you need to use Fury for Heroes. As you can see our Heroes all have max Fury right now so I guess we should declare a Strike against someone and go and beat them.


Chris: Maybe we should attack them…?

Sam: Yeah let’s do it.

Chris: Just select the island and then press the little Strike button at the bottom of the screen. It also asks you if you really want to do it.

Sam: Yes we really want to do it.  Ok so you can see here how long is the Strike gonna run for , how many victory points you need to win and the VFX which is on the Sigil will immediately tell you who is winning the Strike. Using this you can keep track of how other Alliances are doing in Strikes which you will not take part in. So let’s go attack someone.


This here is the attack enemy screen. This has a little rundown of who exactly is winning here as you can see at the top. Bar is right in the middle right now, it means we are in a draw. Obviously since we are the attackers we actually need to take 1 Victory Point to take over the island.

Underneath is a list of the enemies we can attack and to the right of these enemies you can see the Victory Points score. This is the amount of Victory Points we will get if we get a 100% against the enemy in a battle. Obviously you get less if you don’t get that many. Also above you can see the 3 Heroes with that little sleepy icon which means we haven’t fought with them yet. Each Hero can add 1 battle result to the Alliance’s strike score. It means that if you have the maximum score with a Hero , it makes sense to fight with another Hero and add that score to the Strike as well. You can only have 1 per Hero. So maybe we should go ahead and find an enemy to attack.


Chris: I already noticed these guys got a pretty low level so I will attack the top one because he will give me the most Victory Points… And I will choose Ariadne. Because she is awesome! Let’s attack him!

Sam: Let’s spawn some units!

Chris: I actually didn’t choose any units.

Sam: You’re not very well setup.

Chris: I skipped the setup because I am so good at the game.

Sam: As you can see the units’ colours in battle correspond to the colours you saw on the War map before. It will be the same for you and for the enemies, so don’t get confused if you see other colors than what you were used to.

The further Chris gets into this battle, the more Victory Points he will gain. It is also important to note: you cannot win trophies from people in a War. You do however win Gold as normal for winning the battle. So you can initiate a new Strike every 6 hours , which makes it pretty tactical as to when you want to initiate these Strikes. Remember that once you used a point of Fury, you have to wait a little while until it regenerates. You have a maximum of 3 points of Fury , once they ran out you’re gonna have to wait a little while before you can fight again. It is good to time your Fury with the Strikes so you can always take battles in every Strike. Using all your Fury in one Strike means that you won’t have any Fury in the next Strike which obviously will not be a good situation to be in.

Oh you’re doing pretty well!


Chris: Yes because the enemy is quite weak. Maybe we should have attacked the other Alliance. Because this would have also allowed us to gain more Victory Points. The higher the level of the enemy, the more Victory Points you can get!

Sam: Obviously there is also a chance to win some Victory Points here, in the Vault of Hephaestus.

Chris: We are still getting our gold and 651 Victory Points.

Let’s open some chests.

Sam: Here we go! Here are some Victory Points. When you go to the Vault of Hephaestus, you will always get Victory Points and it will always be a set amount so there is not something like playing the system. As long as you get into the Vault, you will have the opportunity to get Victory Points.

Good! 733, not bad.


Chris: We got some messages!

Sam: Oh right, let’s have a look. An enemy Alliance is attacking! Great, let’s have a look if we can fight back.

Chris: Masters of Serenity…

Sam: Aren’t they the people we just attacked?

Chris: They are!

Sam: Ok, they are obviously attacking back. Here they are on the bottom left.

Chris: They have already attacked us.

Sam: They didn’t manage to get a lot of VP, 319, they have to try better than that! Let’s have a look at the standings.

So yeah we can see they are completely destroying us right now, but I guess is it because we haven’t battled. We will have to go back and destroy them later… Or should we do another battle in this one?

Chris: Let’s do another battle.

Sam: Let’s beat them back!


Chris: Maybe we should attack the other guy, the “British” guy.

Sam: Yeah, let’s kill the “British” guy. This is for leaving the EU.


Chris: This time with Perseus, I’ll do a proper setup. I will keep the Sirens here because we slightly buffed them in the last update. We’re gonna activate autoplay because… I can!

Sam: We’re just lazy…

Chris: It makes your Hero spawning your units at the beginning of the battle very fast…

Sam: That is true. It is actually quite a bit of a metagame to turn the autoattack on and off to spawn units very quickly, especially with Ariadne may be very useful.


Chris: Although that’s not really necessary in this battle because I am at like level 69 and this guy is at like level 43, 45? Actually don’t remember… But this is not really a fair battle. That’s also because we don’t have all Alliances in our internal development server, that is why the matchmaking has not really a wide range to choose from.

Sam: In the real world you will be matched much more fairly than this , don’t worry. We’re not gonna send you against RED SQUADRON or Worlds End.

Chris: But if you are Elite Crew, you may have to fight Worlds End or RED SQUADRON.

Sam: Good luck…

Chris: Yes, good luck Elite Crew!


Sam: So, nearly there.

I feel sorry for the guy. They were probably really happy they got so many Victory Points against us, and now, bam…

Chris: We’re also fully boosted, they have absolutely no chances against us. How much do we get?

Sam: 639!

Chris: Cool! Let’s open them all. Victory Points! And gems!


Sam: Cool, you got your money back!

So back to the War map. We unlocked a new War Spoils chest. Let’s go and open it up.

The idea is, the more Victory Points you gain, the more battle chests you will unlock. You can see it here.

So we got a blessed battle chest. The more Victory Points you get, the more battle chests you will unlock and it goes all the way up to some nice godlike chests which are overflowing with 10 wondrous treasures, including godlike riches. Let’s have a look and open the chest so we can see what’s in there.


Chris: Yes sure. As you may have noticed, all of the chests contain 10 rewards so it is really worth it.

Sam: Yes and every battle that you make, even if it doesn’t count towards your Alliance Strike score, will count towards your Spoils of War. This means every battle is worth it to unlock a new chest.

Chris: Let’s open it. Let’s get out 10 rewards… Gold… Gems…

Sam: Nice! There’s really a lot of gems in there.

Chris: So we are really generous here. A Hero item, nice!

Sam: As you can see, 10 rewards in every chest. Let’s have a look at the War standings, let’s see how it’s going on right now. They attacked us again!


Chris: That’s not possible!

Sam: We will have to destroy them later, we don’t have the time right now. Let’s have a look at the War standings again and see how it’s looking now.

As you can see, both of us, since no one has won any new island, everyone is still on the same level. However people who actually made attacks in the War are actually winning because they have Victory Points and the other guys don’t. This means we’re both unlocking all 3 boosts, which is nice for now, but I guess we will be the only one unlocking all 3 boosts at the end of the War… After we destroyed them obviously.

Let’s have a look at the leaderboard for the Alliance War. When you win in an Alliance War, you can gain or lose Torches depending on how many islands you had at the end and now we have a new leaderboard which show how many Torches an Alliance has. You can toggle between Trophies and Torches. You can do the search normally. The more Torches you have, the more Donation bonus you get. If you have a look at the Alliance info, you can see Worlds End is getting 16% Donation bonus for the amount of Torches they have which is a pretty nice amount.


Chris: It is really cool because every member can donate 16% bonus gold for free, so you get to activate or prolong your boosts even more.


Sam: The matchmaking is influenced not only by how many Torches you have , but also your Alliance level which makes it a little bit more fair so it is not just that you can drop Torches and drop out of the matchmaking or something like that.

I guess that’s the end of our stream. If you guys have any feedback, feel free to share it, as I said before on Facebook, on our Forums, wherever you want to do that. We will try to answer any question that you have. This was Sam the producer…

Chris: … and Chris the designer…

Sam: For Olympus Rising direct from Frankfurt. We hope you liked what you saw when it actually finally worked and we’re really looking forward to the first worldwide Alliance War next week, so see you again soon!

Chris: See you in-game!