alliance wars need better clan match making

Hi…my clan is currently battling a clan that is very much stronger than ours by well over 1’000 trophies. Our clan is aprox. 2790 and the other one is 1799 aprox. Many of their players have lower trophy counts BUT ALL members in the clan have highly upgraded defences to the max.I find this uneven match up not fair to our clan as a majority of our team will in no way be able to get very far into the attacks. I am one of the higher levels and without having to spend gems to use the special attacks, I would not have been able to get far.A kindly suggestion to your game developing team would be to look into our current battle lore keepers vs Germany bros. And see what can be done about situations like I am trying to describe to you in this message.I think making teams relatively equal in the wars should be a priority. Having unfair matchups makes no sense and defeats the purpose of a war. Thank you, Janet bryant 

The next season will be determined by the number of Fiefdoms you have. So next season will be more evenly-matched (:

I agree whole heartedly They (the devs) need to fix this not only for alliance but regular battles as well.just because i have 2700 trophies all my opponents are either


low trophy yield or mid trophy yeild and way too hard to beat.I’m in the same rut Rookie is in .At this point theres no way i can compete and am actually considering


quiting the game.The medallion yeild on the players I can beat is too low to compete in reglar tournaments and in Alliance wars I’m beating the crap out of everyone


with little or no reward.i have to basically pick between battling someone for money or battling someone for skulls or battling someone for trophies.Never ever can i get


all three I feel as if though the game is becoming too money oriented and its taking the fun out of it.i don’t want anythig for free for not spending money but at least I


expect to be able to compete at the way things are i can’t even enjoy the game period Its either easy wins for no pay out or certain defeat for even less pay out