Alliance Wars Question

I just started to participate in Alliance Wars. I’ve read some guides but didn’t find one that explained the sword/shield thing in the corners of the guild emblem. I attached a picture below. Also, why do I have 15 attacks while most people have 5? 


The shield means enemies can get fewer skulls from you (usually near the half).

The swords mean that you were named champion, that means you have a higher skull bonus percentage and also you can deal 10 more attacks than others, which explains why you have 15 attacks to do.

Thanks Karman! But how does those 2 things appear? Are they randomly assigned at the start of war?

No,it’s not random. The leader and the generals can activate for their members. Depends on the alliance level they can get more shields/attackators.

As hitmix said, they’re not random, the leader and generals decide if they want to shield you and if they want you as a champion.

You forgot to say


shield and champion cost alliance gold


it is not free :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information guys! Just out of curiosity, how much do they cost?

Depends on the war condition, sometimes cheaper sometimes much more expensive.Price of each champs increase, so to appoint 8 champs you gotta be very rich.

It mostly depends on alliance level :slight_smile: