Alliance Wars rewards

Can we please have gems as rewards for Alliance Wars winners?


It’s impossible to focus on Leagues and Wars at same time, so it’s benefiting solo players who doesn’t help on the Alliance Wars



PS: gems rewards only for those who helped on the Wars of course

I totally agree with you, if your Alliance is not at least in third place, you don’t get anything.


It could happen that you really tried to make your Aliiance climb in the Alliance War Classification, but as you finished on fourth place, you got nothing. Must be sad… 


Also, about the League… My performance in the League right now is terrible because I’m focused on the Alliance War. Some gems as reward in the War would be great (they don’t have to be too many), but as you say, players who didn’t even try to help won’t get any single free gem (helpless teammates are the main cause that could lead you to the fourth place stuff that I wrote before).

Totally agree.i am totally disappointed from alliance wars.i means you and your alliance try to win it by wasting huge amount of alliance money and what you get in return,those three silly boost and that also when you come first.from the comments in games forum and in my alliance chat it is very clear nobody is liking it and they are all saying that it is another trick by flare to earn huge amount of money and I think they are right.

Cm’mon flare at least just one time provide us something which doesn’t prove you greedy.

well attacking via war also give medals guys , so I don’t see how you cannot win league when focusing on war ? but of course gem reward is good tho not necessarily needed


but for Leagues I only attack for 380-420 medals, focusing on war I got limited to attack only the enemy players, and the ones I can beat right now are giving me way less than what I would get if I was focused only on the League =/

I do agree that some other form of prize and reward should be added for the lower half of the podium and in addition to the top 3 Alliances seeing as everyone could be putting A LOT of gold, gems, time, and literal money into trying to win and barely miss it by a hair because of the limit of only 3 top attacks or member amount differences, etc.  Sure medals are also awarded from the battles but not as much and not as much gold either from normal searches or Leaderboards so it makes it more difficult to win especially for those maximizing the only 3 attacks that count.  I feel Flare should and will add this since it is only the first War Season which for any game the first run of something is a guinea pig run or trial and error run to improve as it goes along.


I also feel like there should be a break between Alliance War Seasons too because it will seriously hinder those wanting to upgrade farms, etc. when everyone’s attacks are essential to winning any war.  Maybe a two day break seeing as it is only a 5 day War Season unless there already is a break period and I’m just rambling as usual haha.




  • my phone will probably need a new battery every week if there’s not a break between Alliance Wars! xD

hmm maybe I have different view cuz I can raid higher level base and playing for stronger alliance

I agree gems would be a way better award for winning an alliance war

Same here. My enemies on the Alliance War are terrible for giving me medals. They are low level players who only give me like 20 medals or enemies that I can’t even ride at 40% so I only get less than 100 medals

Look at it this way. You’re at a disadvantage, but so is everybody else, so the competition remains equal.