Alliance Wars Sigils, Fiefdoms, and Tax Rates

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As we have received a lot of question about this lately, we decided to shed some light on how exactly the amount of Fiefdoms is connected to Alliance Wars Sigils and the Tax Bonus you receive.



Tax Bonus


Let’s start with a list of all different tax rates and the amount of Fiefdoms necessary to obtain them:





A Bonus of for example 0,01 results in 1% more Gold, a bonus of 0,12 in 12% , and so on up to a maximum bonus of 30%.




Second, here’s a list of all obtainable Sigils in the game. Sigils with a black frame are freely obtainable , the ones with golden frames can be unlocked by conquering a certain amount of Fiefdoms.





Free Sigils:

  • Diamond
  • Star
  • Cross
  • Lily
  • Swords
  • Griffin
  • Lion
  • Circle


Unlockable Sigils:

  • Wolf - Unlocked at 10 Fiefdoms
  • Keys - Unlocked at 20 Fiefdoms
  • Unicorn - Unlocked at 30 Fiefdoms
  • Skull - Unlocked at 40 Fiefdoms
  • Chicken - Unlocked at 50 Fiefdoms
  • Dragon - Unlocked at 60 Fiefdoms
  • Sun - Unlocked at 70 Fiefdoms
  • Secret - Unlocked at 80 Fiefdoms


As you might have noticed, this last Secret Sigil is still a mystery… and this is very you come in!


The first user to correctly guess and post the correct term for the symbol on the final Sigil will be awarded with 5.000 Gems! Please post your answers in this thread only and we will announce a winner as soon as someone gets the correct answer!


Additionally, our forum member  Flothaboss  has created a brand-new guide video on Youtube. You can find a link to his channel with lots of information on everything you need to know about Royal Revolt 2 here. Make sure to head over and check it out!


If you have any questions, leave a comment below.


Happy guessing and good luck!





“Jar” symbol is my guess

Shield symbol ?

Female Hero symbol


Castle/Fort symbol

The King symbol is my guess, IGN:xxTrolFacexx

Moon symbol lol 


As it’s from Flare the last sigil should be pretty obvious by now:  A big shiny $-sign!

Alternatively it could also be “the middle finger”.

Not sure about which one is more fitting… :smiley:

Bow/Crossbow symbol

Greek pitcher with floral decoration symbol


P.S: What happen if nobody discover this symbol ?


I guess it would be “Flames” symbol.

It will be builders hammer.

king portrait

I asked FLOTHABOSS about how many guesses we can take and he told me as many as you want.

So my guess is Poison symbol

Paintbrush Symbol

Gem Symbol

Gun Symbol

“Lightning” maybe