Alliance wars - Sudden defeat

How is it possible that a whole alliance with all 10 islands is swiped of the war map in the first 30 minutes after the war started? Don’t you have to attack each island by itself?

Can someone please explain?


Could you please let us know this information in order to look further into the issue?

Thank you Alysea that would be great. Our Alliance name is The Perfect Team.


Would you have a screenshot of your War map, where one Alliance is not there anymore?

I don’t seem to find any Alliance kicked out from your pool.

It happened in the last war. I did’nt make a Screenshot or posted my question then because it was the first war in which we could take place and we were swiped off after not even 30 minutes after the war started and we did’nt even get a chance to understand the war rules then. That’s why we thought they defeated us and that was the end of it. But now that we are fighting sucessfully  in the second war und understand how it works we started wondering. Don’t know if you can see events in the previous war as well but would be interested what happened then. Sorry that I can’t give mor help.

Thanks anyway


Hey Lorelei,

There was an issue in the first War and second War which caused Alliances to be kicked out at the wrong time. This was fixed for the 3rd War, and should not happen again.