Alliance Wars Suggestions

Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to mention my thoughts on the current Alliance War system. I will start with all of the elements that I think you guys have done a great job on first and then move on to a few finer points. Jona (or someone at Flare) please pass these comments along to be considered:

  1. As the leader of my Alliance, I love that the Alliance Wars is helping to build comradery among my team. I am seeing most of my players getting excited, more involved, and even helping contribute with our war strategy. Before, my Alliance was well ranked, but the environment had become stale and boring. It seemed like many members were only logging in every day to donate, but this has helped change that.  
  2. I like that I get a better idea of who my dedicated members are and who my more inactive members are. Thus far, we have had a small group of individuals who have logged in during the war period, but have not contributed any skulls. Being able to see who is not contributing and which member’s bases are most vulnerable has helped us revamp our Alliance rules, hold members more accountable, and give more constructive feedback on base designs.  
  3. I think that overall, the concept of Alliance Wars is setup well:
  • I like that a player’s skull count only counts towards your total once.  
  • I like that winning requires more players to be active and contributing to the war effort.  
  • I don’t mind that players can use scrolls to defeat bases (just like a real battle). If they are willing to spend an excessive amount of gems using scrolls to beat a base, more power to them. (I’m sure Flare Games isn’t complaining either \_)  
  • I like that the “battles” last 24 hours.  
  • I like the balance between players leaving and coming into an alliance mid-season.  

However, with all of that positive feedback, I do have a few small concerns:  

  1. I feel that the War Season is too long. 5 consecutive days of constant battles, monitoring your progress, motivating members, etc is going to become tiring very quickly. For myself, between my job and the amount of time invested into Alliance Wars, I am already exhausted (and we have 3 more days to go). I would be pleased to see to the War Season reduced to 3 days. That gives enough time to keep it exciting, but not so much that it is going to wear players out. Honestly, we are only two days into Alliance Wars, and it is blatantly obvious to my entire “cluster” of Alliances which two teams the war will come down to, yet we have to go through the motions for the next 3 days. I can’t speak for other Alliances on this matter, rather I am simply speaking for my situation.  
  2. I am also concerned about the length of time between War Seasons. As Fii mentioned, most people (myself included) are going to want to relax a little after 5 long days of War. Fii suggested a 3 day “relief” period, but I think that it needs to be more than that. Between the long War Seasons and the frequency of War Seasons,  I’m afraid that you guys may be pushing Alliance Wars a little too hard and it could begin to lose it’s appeal and excitement for players. Right now, it’s exciting and fun because it is new, but what happens when players start to feel that it is more of a hassle than they care for?   I would be excited if we had a 3 day War Season that ran Friday-Sunday, as most people have the most free time on the weekend days. The other 4 days of the week could serve as the rest period. This would give the event a little more consistency, as all Alliances would know that War Seasons occur on the weekend days and they could prepare for it accordingly. Additionally, I believe that having shorter war periods separated by longer rest periods would keep the interest and excitement alive much more than the current schedule. I definitely feel that this is an issue that is worth you guys conducting a poll or player survey on.   
  3. I understand that the purpose of Alliance Wars is to get more members active and involved. However, the 2% Skull Bonus needs to be addressed. Either it simply needs to be removed altogether, or it should be increased a little because 2% is far too insignificant to really make a difference.  

Sorry for the incredibly long post, but I just wanted to share my thoughts, feedback, and suggestions in order to help improve the game.

Exactly another one of my suggestions, I agree because yes it is exciting but it is tiring and unrewarding to those in 4th, 5th, and 6th place and I understand why but I do not like how only the top 3 counts towards overall skull count and rest as a percentage, I feel it makes more sense to be the other way around because it leaves some members to only do their regular 3 attacks and quit and it wastes Elite boosts it seems.  Another thing about the rest period it then allows the Alliances that won to not completely wreck the next opponents in the War Season with doom gates, etc. on top of any other initial activated boosts.

we should be able to make pacts with other alliances so we team up against other alliances and then fight each other when/if its only us left

I think a 3 day break period is perfect. since the new elite boosts are for 5 days it would be great to open a new war season with some of your boosts from the last season

5 days war, 3 days break is - sorry for the wording - bullshit. This wears our your alliance way too much and I guess our alliance will not actively compete in the next season. Seriously, wars are too stressful, and demand way too much time (we have a real life!!) this way. 


Also, the wars should have a bit of an “event” character, be something special and exciting. If it is war season more often than not, then it’s nothing special, but rather the normal, regular thing. Then it’s nothing else than another grinding thing. 



Thus, I’m definitely supporting shorter war seasons and/or longer breaks in between. The suggestion of making it weekly, every weekend sounds good - makes it easier to plan and handle. Personally, I’d even be fine with every second weekend only. 

I’ll write my opinion about some of the elements you mentioned (I’m the leader, too):


  1. You’re right. Suddenly, comradery has increased a lot in the alliance, my partners even started to use the chat (none ever used it before wars), now many of them constantly motivate others to participate and even have fun by simply talking.


  1. For sure now we have a better idea of who are the most active members by watching who’s earning skulls.


  1. I also think we should have some free time, the idea of “5 days in war and 3 days free” does not convince me, I can’t think on a better system, but I can say I’m very exhausted in just the first Alliance War ever, consecutive wars may become very tiring and boring in some time


  1. The 2% bonus seems to be useless now, it is good to know that every attack you do will help, but the percentage is too low. I think in the future they should add something to increase that bonus on 1% each time (I got no originality, some of you may figure out something).

One of my Generals just informed me that the next War Season starts in less than 3 days. I have not been able to confirm this information, but I seriously hope that is not true… Our players are too exhausted after a 5 day campaign to play another one immediately. Additionally, activating Elite Boosts put a huge damper on our Alliance gold. If we have to activate Elite Boosts in order to compete effectively, I fear that our Alliance may never reach the next level. 

its true check your alliance tower

special offer not shown last four days


its really 5 days war, 3 days break!

lets make a rebellion!!!  :angry:

I’m still stoked for it! >=D I want the boosts to come along as frequently as possible! (=<

I think the solution, is to have to register for the wars. Kinda like how you have to register to the Tournaments by logging in. Once you sign up, you’ll immediately be put into a league once 5 other alliances of equal fiefdoms have signed up as well (: This keeps us ambitious types happy, but gives everyone else time to rest without losing fiefdoms.

I think that 5 days is perfect. It gives you time to see who’s really competing and who’s not. Plus, it gives you time to fight your way over to the alliance that may be ahead of you for some reason

Personally, I definitely agree that 5 wars per season are a good amount and 3 wars per season might be too short.

But having shorter wars than 1 day, while sounding good at first, have the major flaw of discriminating people based on their time zones.

Imagine you go to sleep and 5min later, a war is declared, and when you wake up next morning, do your breakfast and check rr2, you see the new war is already mostly over. Or even worse, you have no time before going to work and the war is already finished and lost when you finally log in to rr2 and notice what’s going on. In contrast, your opponent was in a time zone where he could spend most of the war time awake and/or online…

Thus, a 5 day war season might even be okay, unless there’s some clever way for compacting it into less time. But 3 days break is definitely too short then. 9 days of break would be better.

I agree with heroesflorian again. earlier I wrote that 3 days break would be perfect. that was during day 2 of our first war season


it wasn’t long after that I realized how stressful these wars can be on participants


not to mention if we have war more often than not it will lose its exciting factor


so im not gonna be picky or exact with suggestions of how long the war or the break should be, I just think we should not be at war more often than we are

I think the actual war time and break time are completely okay. Like Kenster said, we shouldn’t have wars more often than now.

I think that the number of breads for a warseason battle is too high (for me). For i have to choose between battling for war season or waging war for the league i am in. I have only a limited amount of bread(depending on silo and farm level), thus if i want to win the league i am in, i would not engage in war season(whose benefits are much less attractive than the league)

I completely agree with everything in ShadowXStorm’s post. My alliance has had a lot of fun fighting in the last two wars, but our current main concern is the lack of sufficient rest between war seasons.

Flare Games, please lengthen the rest period between war seasons. A war season every other week would be closer to ideal for those of us with real lives who game in our free time.

I suggest new members just join an alliance should all have 60hrs cooling period (even he/she didn’t earn skulls before). Jona, please check how does highest fieldom alliances war league. These alliances group together sharing 240-300 members in 1 league vs the other 60 members alliance. They swap in and out members as much as before. They strip and sharing fieldom every time an new alliance move up to their league.

As any competition, tennis, basketball, soccer, boxing etc all have the same amount players. Why not RR2?

We should stop these none fair competition behaviour, shouldn’t we?