Alliance Wars: THIS is matchmaking?????

Current alliance war by alliance:


TheNorthWind                         16 members                               Alliance Level 18

Adult Aces                                 8 members                               Alliance Level 13

Realcqscy buntownicy               9 members                               Alliance Level 13

Polska-Husaria                        20 members                               Alliance Level 17

ManBearPigs                           11 members                               Alliance Level 18

Les suircates                           36 members                               Alliance Level 33



We could play a round of Sesame Street’s “One of these things just doesn’t belong here…” but I think people know the point I’m making.


Which is




In what universe is this a fair, at least attempting to be even-handed match-up? I’m not blaming the one alliance–they had no choice in the matter–but I can tell you it makes me question my participation in the game. both as someone who has paid to play and as a player.


I’m hoping this was some kind of computer error and it will NOT happen again TO ANY ALLIANCE in the future.


If it does, I know I will question my further participation in such a farce.

Why is an alliance ranked in the 300’s fighting amongst us 1500-2500 ranked alliances???

I want an answer from the devs please as to why the game can’t match on fiefdom AND ranking AND number of members.

I’d be happy if it went by max number of possible members not just how many the alliance has to prevent cheating.

Same here bro. In 4 previous war we are the weakest alliance in the War the level of alliance is not much different(fair),the alliance members numbers if fair.

but the problem is the 5 enemy alliance in war season has 10-15 stronger member than our strongest member.


Im the highest member in our Alliance level 70 and im the only 70 in our alliance.(my trophy range 2100-2500)

We are always fighting enemy +10 to +15 of my levels in 4 previous war season


10 to 15 members of our enemy alliance is stronger than me how can my alliance win that fight



The level of my alliance right now is 19. 

We are a level 18 alliance and partly facing the same situation coz most of the teams we face against are all level 25+ but I think the matchmaking is random and solely base on fiefdoms and they dnt take into account the alliance level or number of players in the teams.

IMO the total number of trophies should also be taken into account in matchmaking like used matchmaking a random raid. Like we have almost 50k trophies in our team so we should be plotted against teams ranging between 40k-60k trophies (the range may be larger). How the hell are we suppose to fight against a team of 100k skulls when most of the other teams are about 50k,60k?

Exactly. Trophies = more members or super strong members. We cant beat 36 players. No one in this season can.

WHY HASN’T ANY MODERATOR OR DEVELOPER ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE? Until it is, I will boost this to the top of the forum on a daily basis. The situation is DISGRACEFUL, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

It depends on fiefdom.lvl,trophies doesn’t take to the account,so if u r smart to play the game,stay at a lvl where u think u have the confident to be the champion not that winning every fiefdom u can.

This has NOTHING to do with what WE as players have done, are doing, or will do. It has to do with A SERIOUS FAULT IN THE MATCHMAKING SYSTEM that allows for such a disgraceful situation to occur. You find me one person who thinks throwing in an alliance that is overwhelmingly superior in sheer numbers and accumulated trophies into a war season is a fine example of “fair matchmaking” and I’ll show you a person who is functionally illiterate or brain damaged.

yup, we are picking up a strategy now, we are trying to win or be in the top 3 with as much less landfield possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, the current matchmaking system sucks, as it only goes by fiefs count.

So, why not abuse it? Drop your fiefs and here you are fighting a super-easy season.

because we want more fiefs to make our boosts more powerful. Because we shouldn’t have to deliberately lose to play the game.

Because there is such a thing as having some personal integrity, and why should one sell that out for what is, after all, a game. And if an alliance is willing to do that, then they deserve NO RESPECT.

Because Flare doesn’t have an answer regarding that matter,

They can’t solve the issue unless they will change the whole war mechanics.

oh, i see no mod gets back to us

So an algorithm can’t be recalculated/reformatted to address A CRITICAL FLAW in the design?




Hey guys since you are asking for a response I’ll give you one.


They use the fiefdom to match up opponents as most of you know. The fiefdom system is not perfect by no means as I don’t think any system ever really will be perfect. What they system does it that if you are losing for what ever reason you drop down where in theory you will fight easier opponents that you should have a better shot at competing against. If you win you jump up to a harder batch of alliances. Yes, it is pretty bad that an alliance with 40 members can be fighting against an alliance with 16 members. What you don’t seem to realize is that in order for these two to be match up a lot of other factors had to go into this. The alliance with 40 members had to either be on a huge losing streak, or the alliance with 16 members had to be on a huge winning streak. The numbers may also look like this if a once strong alliance suddenly blows up and has 16 members on it rather than the 40 members it had the previous alliance war. Things like this are how these crazy imbalanced situations start up.


Personally, my alliance is in one of these situations right now as we have like 10fiefdoms, our alliance was destroyed/abandoned for 4-6months losing all of the fiefdoms we had won previously over time. When I started playing actively again a few weeks back we rebuilt the alliance membership up again and easily won the 1st war as we fought low level opponents. There is a limit on how many fiefdom we can win so even though we were super OP in the war we still only gained +5 fiefdoms putting us in yet another easy war seasons and in the next few war seasons we will be facing harder and harder competition but still will most likely have the upper hand as most alliance with our current rating in game have about 33 fiefdoms. After many wars this will balance out once again and we will start fighting alliance that are roughly the same strength as ours.



It takes time to balance things out. War seasons are a little over a week each and balancing has a max and min amount of fiefdoms that can be won and lost. There wont ever be a perfect system as even if membership is the same actually having all those members fighting might not happen? Wouldn’t a 40 v 40 alliance fighting be considered unfair if only 20 of one of the alliance was not actually fighting in the war?


This issue has been discussed before, many times actually.

Thank you for at least replying, even if it took four days to do so.

Obviously the matchups based on number of fiefdoms alone simply does not work. You say “other factors” go into matchmaking, but the fact remains that the primary factor–in fact it still seems like the only factor–is the number of fiefdoms. And that can be very easy for an ambitious alliance to circumvent. Even you admit that your alliance is going to take “many wars” to balance out the matchmaking. What happens to all those alliances who get screwed over while this balancing takes place? It seems like the implied response to that question is “Oh well.”.

No one is expecting a perfect system. But to know that the system is so inherently IMperfect and to shrug it off with “nothing is perfect” just beggars belief.

I’m relatively new here, but I have learned two lessons from this war season:

  1. Matchmaking is inherently flawed if not outright broken. This entire experience has left such a bad taste in my mouth that let’s just say I will think not twice or three times but many many many times before i spend ANY money whatsoever on a game that knows it has a broken part and seemingly does nothing but discuss it.

  2. My respect for those alliances who ruthlessly exploit this broken system has been reduced to less than zero.Nor did the FOUR DAYS OF SILENCE on the part of moderators do anything to inspire any confidence in the game whatsoever.

Thank you for responding, but again, all I hear is a lot of talk talk talk and nothing but excuses.

How disappointing.

But it will save me a good deal of money until problems like this are actually addressed and not just endlessly discussed Oh well.


Developers trying to knock heads together alliances to each of the alliances have spent tons of money on the war!Any attempt to defeat the equal, especially the more powerful enemy in a war - it’s a stupid waste of resources of the alliance, gems of players (and money money money!!!).

That is why any sane alliance really assesses the chances at the beginning of each season, and decides - whether it makes sense to fight, and what elite boost it might win. If this is difficult - it is better to -3 fiefdoms.

Being in power at the 10th place for us is absolutely useless to attack up on the stronger (spending) alliances!


If we did, we would never win a single elite boost, spending a lot of money!

So that your respect and disrespect leave with you!  :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, the alliance war - is not a comparison of  players’ skills (at least to a small degree!)A feeling that you do not know what decides the war, if two alliances is near equal.Champions (spend!)Shields (spend!)Scrolls (spend!) To beat stronger to get more skullsOpen the chest for the skulls (spend!)

(get skull perk - spend! spend! spend!)

Absolutely agree with MSS73.

This has nothing to do with respect. You can step in one place season after season, getting 2nd or 3rd place, or even less. This way your alliance members will get frustrated very fast. Believe me, i was there for too long. No significant warboosts and going nowhere. A lot of alliance gold to spend on boosts and members who can’t build themselves up. Members will start to run away.

So, a strategy of sometimes giving up on a certain season or 2, will provide much better result than freezing desperately in one place.

You were given a good advise here by mss73 and me. Please don’t underestimate this advise. No reason to argue us, we are not from Flares and don’t determine the rules. Remember that we are not against you, just trying to help.