Alliance Wars Update 04/22/215

Hey everyone,


today’s forced update implemented the last changes that were required for kicking off Alliance Wars:

  • Getting things ready for the official start of Alliance Wars tomorrrow
  • The last 10 Dungeon Levels are now also using Elite Boosts that players can unlock during Alliance Wars
  • The Alliance Wars feature has been activated and the start of the first War Season has been scheduled. You are able to the see the countdown in-game when you open your Alliance menu
  • All players have been forced to update the game for compatibility reasons

If you are experiencing any issues with the current version, please make sure to let us know via this thread.




Jona for the flaregames team


EDIT : We will have another server update later today (04/23/2015) to fix 2 issues:


1. Alliances not being placed into their leagues properly even if they meet the criteria

2. Skull calculation not working as intended


Both of these problems will be solved once the server update has gone live.


EDIT 2: Another server update will take place today (04/24/2015) to fix the following issue:


1. Players not receiving loot after a battle


This update will also help us look into why some players are still not placed into their proper War Seasons


EDIT 3: A server update will take place today (04/27/2015) to put the remaining few Alliances into their War Seasons.

This should also fix the “crash on attack” bug that some players have reported.

I have already sent a ticket about a “bug” to support (it should be a slow visual refresh) that there is in this new version, that is: once you “refresh” every time via matchmaking to find new enemies, for half second the panel shows the previous troops and towers that there were for the previous opponent, in versione 1.7 there wasn’t this bug. I play on Computer Asus model: x54c, always with best signal WiFi

Some buttons and stuff has lower resolution than in previous version(I have a 1920x1080 playing on windows 8.1)

@flare-why you again added this “connected and disconnected” in the chat.there is already very less space in chat and this “connected and disconnected” is further ruining it.please remove it from the chat,it is of no use.

Please dont remove it… It will be hard to see who is online…

In reply to ROCK, I suggest not removing it and I don’t believe that Flare would remove it again because it does 1: disappear after a certain amount of time, 2: it does not take up chat space in any way, and 3: it makes it useful to know whether you’re talking to someone or not.


On a different note, the Alliance Wars should be fun and interesting to see how it plays out and evolves with updates like maybe a co-op war, etc.  Should be exciting.

I’m only seing two new emblems… The wolf/jackal and the keys…



I see other alliances with different emblems so i was just wondering about that…



Edit: I’m on windows phone and please get rid connect disconnect messages, or remove them until we are able to choose wether we want to see them or not. I have thirty people logging on n off all day and it fills chat very quickly.


If you like I can share tons of screenshots of this sfilling my entire chat in less than 10 minutes.

What are you talking about:-

1-I have a very active alliance and almost all of them play multiple times a day,almost half of the chat is filled with connected and disconnected lines only.

2-I don’t know why you are not seeing It but message disappears quickly from chat because of this.i never faced any problem to talk to my players when this option was unavailable and its also not too hard to see who is online and who is offline.but now I am facing problems when I see in between two lines of a single statement there are already 4to5 connected disconnected messages pop up.

time check




me too, but it’s not a big deal for me, :wink:


Is the gold always duplicated between warring alliances? Or is it only when you are attacked online?


Edit: Nevermind someone cleared this up for me. ;]

It happend to me today for the first time.


Playing on ios 7.1.2

So just logged on to see whats happening with the wars. I’ve been attacked 2 times. total 1,140 skulls won by the enemy alliance. Now I haven’t tried Alliance wars yet, and im sure I will get addicted, but… my initial scepticism for how Flare would earn more money is straight away obvious. For those two attacks, they used 11 scrolls and 2 respawns. Now i’m loving the gems they game me, but if I want to achieve a similar score it would cost me more than that so the rich P2W players will def win the wars. We might even see players moving to other alliances to get the P2W players and strongest kings.


I would like to know though how strong to the new boosts get? it says they keep getting stronger. how long will It take to get a few alliances that are invincible? long term will it be fair?


Also basing on trophies is rubbish. again driven by tactics to win gold or using gems players got high trophies, but so many players 4K plus are just as strong bases and kings but they wont be matched up with me so im now having to fight people I cant beat. could they review a secondary rating not trophy based, using average base strength and or average king level in alliance… that way its actually fair.

I can’t do anything with the alliances except get attacked. I can’t hit the button in my alliance tower, it’s just grayed out and says next one in 7 days, and when I attack someone back that attacked me, or another person from a fief that declared war on my alliance I don’t get any skulls if I beat them, it doesn’t even show i’d be getting skulls. How can people attack me for them but I can’t do it back?


This issue is known and being looked into. We will supply a fix as soon as possible.

Can you block us from having war waged on us until this is fixed? They are getting skulls from us, won’t that affect us for later wars?

I find this funny. My alliance can’t attack, but neither can other alliance in our league x) We’re all just kinda sitting here xD

Please fix it :slightly_frowning_face:
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I seriously don’t get why the quote function won’t work for me but anyways to ROCK again, it does disappear for most Alliances and doesn’t cause enough trouble to be removed in my opinion and yes it is fairly easy to look up who’s online but you can be talking to someone and they suddenly go offline for any reason and then the speaker only fills up the chat for only different members to see.  In a more general reason to not get rid of it is utilitarianism or the greater good for the greater number as most, including myself, requested the feature back for those purposes.  I don’t see why it doesn’t disappear right away for some because after an hour or so offline the online/offline notification is gone and only appears at the top of Our chat menus.

Please do NOT removed the disconnected messages. I find them exceedingly useful.

What you could do is to add a separate bar that shows who is online, by greying out the offline people. Where to put this or what it would look like I have no idea. That is up to flare!

In my alliances (I have more than one account) there is lots of talking - and lots of connecting and disconnecting. However I do not mind having to open the chat box and scrolling around.