Alliance Wars will end before we finish our last war season

We started the last war season later than we should (cause it starts too early!), and we’ll have only 18 hours for the last war season, instead of 24 hours. what happens when the Alliance War ends while we are still fighting for a fiefdom?


Will the last battle be ignored and fiefdom stay with current alliance or the fiefdom would go to Alliance with big skull score on that battle? 

Jona? Someone?

Our last War season starts in 5 minutes =/

So… Alliances can’t declare war when there’s less than 24.

Fiefdom going to alliance with more skulls would be a better solution.

Or maybe you could just start the next Alliance War on a decent time! =/

Yeah. It started at 2:00am here .-. Plus then the other team got an 8hr head start, so they got one more War than us ~_~

Here’s my idea. The Season lasts for 5 days, to encourage 5 battles, right? How about,

+++[after you Declare a War, you cannot Declare another War for another 20 hours]+++

This way, there’s some leeway time to ensure that you declare a war near the end of the previous war, but it doesn’t give enough time to give anyone an extra battle. Ergo, if you were 4hrs early 5 times, 20hr does not give you enough time for another full war. Look at it this way:

You have 120hrs in a season. Each war is 24 hours long, -4 for the grace period. 20+20+20+20+20+24=124, which goes over the 120hr limit. Ergo, only 5 Wars can be declared. No one gets an unfair advantage.


Seems like an interesting suggestion! :slight_smile:


Btw currently, I think each war only lasts 23:30 (having 30minutes as “buffer time” until declaring next war). But yeah, a bit more buffer time would be nice.