Alliance Week!

  Hey folks,

Week 2 of History Month is here and we take a close look at Alliances. Are you part of an Alliance right now that you think is special? Tell us why and share with us your emblem! :wink:



So, that makes about 5 players per alliance on average, right? :lol: :lol: :lol:


And we (Last Bread Fighters) are special because we like the “best alliance sigil animal” fresh from the oven with a hint of herbs.


100k players and 20k alliance…I see the problem now!

5 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Also a Last Bread Fighter here, great team, great Discord chat, great leader and brilliant members.

And I hope there won’t be a fun fact: Alliance Level added per year since 2015: 10   :open_mouth:  It shouldn’t continue like that in 2018.


Obviously we need more sigils. Like Hello Kitty and stuff! Would go perfect with that pink. :lol:

New Alliance Created Every 3 Minutes!!

Alliances are deleted by the leader every 4 minutes!

It would be great if frivia gems could be given out during Alliance Week.

When can we expect payout @GalaMorgane?

And here, I found something for you :lol:

Hello guys,

To carry on celebrating our Alliance Week we asked our trained Ogres to get answers out of our Producer Gavin! Seriously though… what’s up with all the chickens??? 1f414.png

Hope you’ll like it! :grinning:

Thanks for the Alliance week. A big help for Alliance Tower. already at level 4. I still continue to improve it :slight_smile:

It’s official then…

Q:“Why is the best alliance icon a chicken?”

A:We have a thing for chickens… Keep an eye out for them.

Oh no, the builders are building a portal to Chicken Land :lol: 

Maybe we will get some goodies from their eggs :wink: