Alliance with 10 players win over 24,28 and 31 players?

In this clash war we are playing currently, we have 2 opponents with 28 and 31 players and one with 10 players only. How that last alliance with only 10 players, in 3 hours of war only, have more spoils than the other 2? Their players levels are normal, nothing strange except they all have same name with a different number at the end. Can anyone help with this? 10 players have 50.000 spoils in 3 hours of play? It’s like whatever we do, we will loose no matter what…

If all 10 used all furies, that’s an average of 833 points for fight. Not even that big of a result, unless they are facing very low levels… 6 starting furies x 10 players = 60 fights. Nothing particulary weird.

If everyone fought right away in the 31 players ally with similar points, the 31 ally would be at at over 150k by now …

You take what i tell you and make it x3 to tell me what others would do if they play the same way? How you assume they ALL have 3 heroes? Are you playing for a long time and you have met such alliances playing like robots? Not a single one alliance played before this way, they must be the best players in your opinion from what i read. Something very strange is going on with this alliance…

It is completely possible and very frequent, especially in the top 100/150 alliances.

The fury regeneration depends on the hero level, and if players are all active, score at 100% and/or have 3 heroes, it is easily doable.

We are talking about 190-200 level alliances. They have 1 player at 113 level and 9 others below 96 level, every other alliance has better players. I’m not wondering why OUR alliance is loosing but how on earth they can play like robots. If you have met before such play ok but this is the first time i see that. And with my math they must be perfect and ive seen never perfect players like robots in this game.


If you have an ally where all 10 players have the same name, chances are it’s one player with 10 accounts that does play like a robot :slight_smile:


That’s what i’m trying to say but how he plays more than one or two accounts at the same time? Is he using a program or something? If so anyone could play like this and have his own alliance! Is this fair, i mean are we allowed to do so?

What was the name of the alliance?

Yes, there are all sorts of emulators you can use to run up to 10 accounts simultaneously. Even from the same device, should you wish.

And I would assume it is prohibited by the rules as in any other game, but them mostly no one cares. As long as the gems are coming the right way, right?

Hey @Hecatoncheir,

As @dumpster mentioned, it would be great to get the Alliance name so we can check out the activity. We will be able to tell you if there is something shady going on, but as others have mentioned, this kind of result is very possible from a 10 person Alliance.

Hey guys, sorry i didn’t answer for so long. I don’t want problems for the team i told you, if i’m wrong but i really found it strange and looking now the list of teams in the game i see no other team with so few players close to their position. If i am wrong excuse me guys and as mentioned before i don’t want troubles for that team if everything is ok but i will send the teams name and photos from that alliance war i was reffering when i first sent, as CaptainMorgan said. Thank you everyone.

Im sure this is the alliance spoken about

This guy must be a great strategist to win all over you, thumbs up ??

I fought an alliance like that a long time ago. It was pretty funny. They were tough!



Hi everyone I don’t know whether this alliance is shady or is managed by one player but I usually fight it’s first two players on my map from time to time and I do remember it they all have almost identical defense layout.?I even lost with A level 13 Athena to but after two weeks did defeated that same player with ease with level 19 Athena.Just sharing my experience with this alliance.I think this alliance is not managed by a single player but by a group of players as I did send them an application to join their team which they rejected.

Not deckheroes enough I presume