As I am the feral of alliance …on upgrading to alliance up to level 12 I HV to used a gradually increasing donation gold upto 880 kbut suddenly for level 13 it ask 2280 approx how it rises so …and it will like this only for further upgrade then I think my alliance will never be upgraded why up to that amount suddenly ?

I also wanna ask for alliance war  my alliance is nt supportive wt should I do …as a general 


It is possible to reach these levels without any issues (many Alliances are at higher level than 12 or 13). You just need to have people donating regularly.

Similarly, if everyone in your Alliance upgrade their Alliance Hall, they will be able to donate higher amount of gold.

In order to participate in the next Alliance War, for which the preparation phase starts on Thursday, you need to have at least 8 active members in your Alliance.

If your Alliance meets the requirements, it will automatically join the War.

They r nt attacking I win the victory points BT that’s nt enough to win  …m jst helpless BT ohk wt can u do if have any suggestion fr better alliance member then give it to me 


You can post in the Alliance section and try to recruit other people ingame.

I’m sure you will find some interested by the War too ?

Hey suddenly this morning I recognise that all my previous islands production decreases …with Hera that island produce 2000 wisdom is on 1500 …and like this happens to all island why ?? Is that all done by u fr all or is any probs with me? Plz

Hey reply wt happens




If a player is recruited by alliance after war started so he cannot in war ?? And up to when whole war or next strike …how he enter in the war plz

And the person who leave the war its victory point is counted or not 

If a player joins an Alliance after the preparation phase has ended, he has to wait until next War to be able to participate.

If a player leaves the Alliance after scoring Victory Points during the Strike, the VP of this person are not counted in the Alliance score.

Hi. I made a mistake… I gave my rank to a member in my alliance, by mistake. How can I get back my general rank? Please help me!


You need to get in touch with the CS team for such issues:

Hey can u tell me please that the member got in active from alliance its trophy is counted in alliance or not …actually its trophy is still there on its profile earlier if one is inactive no trophy so wt now I HV to kick him or not 

Yes they are still counted as long as the person is part of your Alliance.

Ohk thnkx…earlier it was not counted ?? Right ?

It was already counted in the past.

Hi, since my question seems to be lost as a stand alone topic, I post it again here (as the most fitting active topic :grinning:  ):

I got a question concerning alli levels, was not able to find a definitive answer elsewhere:

could someone please provide a detailed list of benefits of alli levels higher than 35 ? Upgrading costs a lot of gold in this regime, mostly from extra donations. Since you can’t hire more than 40 members, yet, I would like to judge if it is worth the effort (and the money !): how much stronger do the buffs really get, how much do they cost to prolong etc. … compared to level 35.

Thx in advance, Jewel