I’m a rookie, I’m at level 52. I’m in an alliance that has 5 people including myself. 3 of which have been inactive for some time and1 other that is rarely on. I would like to join a different alliance if one would have me, but how does this work? Will I lose my gold, rank, etc. Can someone please give me some insight.

If you want to keep that alliance
Please have your family register with RR 2 newly and leave a single user account in that alliance. Please log in everyday. Those who are inactive or occasionally please throw them away.

You can go to your favorite alliance anytime.
Your king will not lose nothing. Please go with confidence.

If you choose to leave your alliance, you will keep your personal gold, trophies, etc., but you would lose your rank if you are a leader or general.   If you join another team now, you’ll be able to join in on the upcoming war, if you join in the middle of it, there is a cooldown period and you wouldn’t be able to participate in that war.

If you are interested, I sent you an invite to our team.  We’re a mid-level alliance that’s active in the wars, conquest and ninjas.  Pro league is your choice.  We understand people have lives but ask that you participate and donate regularly and we’ll help you grow with us.  Our motto is we fight as a team, we grow as a team.  You have your choice of 5 different  defensive beasts, and we boost cannons regularly.  More during war and conquest seasons.   Our team is pretty good with helping each other out with strategy or if someone gets repetitively attacked, with defending their honor ?

Whatever you decide to do, good luck to you.  Getting an alliance of the ground is near impossible at this stage in the game.  It can be done, but it’s an uphill climb.


King thunderbolt4, I have two invites none of which are yours if you could resend the invite, I will gladly join your alliance.

REST IN PIECES !!!  will take you as long as you will be an active member,  we are in our 1st season now, just looking for a crew with a clue.