I am new here. How the crap do I get in invite to an alliance when I have no means of communication with players?  What am I missing here…

join masters alliance they will accept u.  what is your in game name?



Ephemera is my in game name. I will search for masters now. Thank you for responding 

sure …he could not find ephemera to invite you


masters alliance…that is name of alliance


i have only started playing for a day. But I did check again, and the spelling is correct ? Ephemera is my name

do you have alliance tower…you must build that to get in a alliance…i misspelled that alliance name…its masters allaince


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. I searched again for specific “masters alliance” it showed me “could not be found”

I’m so sorry :slightly_frowning_face:  I am new and I think I have clicked the wrong game. I am playing the Olympus game :slightly_frowning_face: . I did not mean to waste your time. Sorry

check spelling its allaince…masterblaster is leader there…or his brother



Don’t I have the wrong game?

haha  this is royal revolt 2