AllianceOfAwesomness recruiting reliable members, any lvl!


My screen name is UcantHavMyCouch and I’m at level 57 at the moment.I’m the Leader of the AllianceOfAwesomness which is currently at level 12.

Up until this last war we consistently were 1st or 2nd for several wars.

Will always be an easy going, relaxed environment. When games are taken too seriously, they lose their fun factor.

I know life happens, so if there’s a reason you’re not able to participate in a war, just give me a heads up and it’s all good. When a member no shows without informing the alliance, I can only assume they no longer want to play.

Bad language and negative comments will not be tolerated…

Basically, be active and partake in wars. Also, donate (in game currency of course) and when we have enough for an elite boost, I get input from members to see what will help them out the most.

We have consistently gotten bigger and better and will continue to do so. If that sounds good to you, welcome to the alliance!