Alliances Being Banned


First off … Great job cleaning up the game Flare. Banning Illegal accounts is a great move. However there was a recent alliance ban too. I understand that a lot of scrutiny was in place before such a decision was made. However I do have a few questions/concerns.

  1. The alliance was banned but the players weren’t - These players are now free to join another alliance and continue cheating. As a general I have no way of knowing which player has cheated or is donating to the alliance vault using cheats. I would not want a cheater as part of the team. However I am also helpless since there is no list of banned players

  2. If someone in my alliance is cheating, Will i be notified before a Alliance ban - imagine a player in an alliance is cheating, will flare notify the leader about such activity? We are now blissfully unaware of cheaters among us

Thanks again for all the resources invested in cleaning up the game.


If the players are not banned, it is because they didn’t do anything.

Also recently some other players in Alliances have been banned but the whole Alliance didn’t get punished for it. :grinning:

So you don’t have to worry if you play fair. In any case, you can check out with support!

Really a bad move. Imagine a alliance who take 2 year to up at level 65 and suddenly Flaregames ban the alliance just like that because 3 or 4 player cheat. C’mon its far to be the best way to do that.

Surely a way to ban cheater without ban a alliance. No sense to do that  

So players did not do anything… but the alliance did ? Could you please help us understand how that works ? A leader used rogue gems to level an alliance up ? or an ex-member ?

I think it’s rather obvious. If player cheats - he gets banned. If alliance has a lot of illegal gold, which came from cheating players - then alliance would be punished. Not sure that anyone here would be able to provide you exact fair/unfair % gold ratio which results in the alliance ban, including Alysea.



Not asking for proofs here. I am trying to shield my alliance from such activity. I would not know if a player is making extra donations to the alliance by unfair means. I would have had no means of stopping that. However a great deal of effort also goes into building Alliances and I do not want it ruined by illegal activity. It is just a concern as to how does a leader pick the cheaters out, assuming a team has some.

Well, you cannot shield your alliance, though, I think only alliances WITH A HELL LOT of unfair gold in their treasury could get a ban, so, unless someone started to donate 100+ millions daily, or invested a few billions of gold into your alliance at once - you should be safe.

Still need a confirmation from Alysea though, cause that is just my theory :slight_smile:

I guess in this exact case, that alliance that got banned was the alliance created by players within a 2-3 weeks, after their last alliance got banned. Not sure exactly what level that  alliance was by this day but for sure they leveled the whole alliance quite quickly so I would assume it was built mostly by illegal gold, that’s why the whole alliance got banned, again.

I guess not a single exisiting alliance needs to worry about banning, if one day a cheater joins and donates you a bunch of gold, we as players, alliance generals and leaders  have to way to check whether donated gold was legal or not and we have no way from preventing this.

But if you build up an alliance based mostly on illegal gold then banning might happen and I think this is fair.

As I am not aware of actions taken regarding cheating/banning, please check with the support. :grinning:

They are the ones handling such cases.

Do we know which alliances/players were banned?

i heard sasa100 hacked the game


Days ago I saw a Russian player, leader of his own clan, just level 2 king who already has all towers and troops at his base. Either He is very rich or extremely smart. We should learn from him, the real master :lol:

Level 2 is extreme low, but nowadays you don’t need to raid at all to be to upgrade anything in your kingdom. Just get video rewards every two hours and you are able to upgrade anything to max without a single raid, it just takes time.

Just spend every gem you get on buying more workers in the beginning, use tapjoy for gems (if available) plus videos for chests, collect your daily rewards and when you are fortunate to have a video every two hours, a player can upgrade anything he wants without a single raid, it’s as simple as that. Speed up every upgrade by watching some videos and with enough workers you can make giant steps and progress. In the beginning make sure to focus mainly on upgrading throneroom (higher rewards!) and when you can’t upgrade it, upgrade the buildings required (silo and sometimes other castle buildings) to unlock next level. Do this for a while with only videos and you should be able to get max throneroom in theory. In the meanwhile keep upgrading spells, defense wave, troops and towers with the gold from videos.

In theory it’s possible, he doesn’t need to be a cheater. Since he doesn’t raid, he doesn’t have to be a cheater. Only… when you have a good defense, your trophy amount will rise fast. Since most towers will cost not a fraction of the costs at low levels, he can keep upgrading most towers with the reward from a single chest. And due to this, he can fill treasure room with ease and the extra chests will then only contain pearls, gems, (lower) items and vouchers.

I don’t see how he can raid later, a single hit of a higher tower or troop will kill the king for sure. So when he starts raiding. the king will upgrade fast, but he will probably lose a lot of fights, unless he lets his troops do all the job. He needs to stay save behind troops and since items he wears (those depend on hero level!) will be ridiculous low, I don’t see how this can be smart.

In fact if he doesn’t cheat, he isn’t smart, he doesn’t do war season raids so gets no extra chests, he doesn’t fight zombie/ninja event, so doesn’t get extra chests. He isn’t competing in leagues so gets no extra gems, he doesn’t level up, so items he gets are very low.

For a test it can be nice, but when it sounds too good to be true, it’s most times suspicious. I would say, when there is a doubt, there is no doubt. It makes no sense to upgrade every building to max without doing a single raid.  

Have you been there at level 2?
I remember the rewards are so small, probably I will need thousands daily chests, means I should wait a year keep taking daily chests to get what he has at level 2.
And all those free golds and gems from low level king’s daily chests could suffice all expense to get all upgrades?
We need probably hundreds millions golds and thousands gems to get all those, only from daily chests at level 2?
Theoretical but not applicable

To inform you, gold rewards have nothing to do with hero level.

Gold reward depends on throne room level plus treasure chamber. If you remember well, before being allowed to upgrade throne room you need to upgrade other buildings first, including treasure room. You always need a higher level of treasure chamber (reason is that you need to be able to store higher gold rewards!) . One of the reasons for needing a higher treasure chamber is that gold required for upgrading other stuff becomes more expensive. The treasure room must be able to store this gold. And as stuff becomes more expensive, you will to be able to find more gold during raids, but also in chests.

Every time you upgrade your throne room, you can and will get higher rewards as a result of this.

Here is the description for leveling up throne room:

You can even see what other building level is required before you are allowed to upgrade throne room and what max gold is you can steal/lose per raid from a treasure chamber (real gold is actually higher). when gold increases from upgrading throne room, so will increase the gold rewards given in chests!

The first 6 levels of throne room even cost less than 1M! Now how hard it can be to get that from daily chests, including the low gold needed to upgrade other buildings also to be able to upgrade throne room. After every throne room upgrade next chests give higher gold rewards. So it’s definitely possible in theory.

Even the highest throne room costs a lousy 8M, with chests every two hours means you can upgrade that building 100% guaranteed with only chests, including all other buildings. Items in daily chests for sure will depend on hero level (He will get max level 22 items!), but gold, pearls, vouchers plus gems he gets way higher. They depend on throne room level.

For a level 2 king, the 2 hour video chest may be just a enchanted one or even a common one. I don’t think he can get much gold from that.

He is spending money. Not at all possible to do it from chests. Also at level 2 you do not even have videos :grinning:  

On what base you draw this conclusion, Devilgoh? For watching a video you get a legendary chest, not any other kind of lower chest. Again, the hero level has nothing to do with type of chests you can get. Anyone can get an uber chest, even a level 2 hero.

There is no restriction on type of chest you can get per hero level. You can simply check it by reading and

Check help and every source you want, there is no relationship between chests plus hero level. Only thing that is limited is the rarity of item you can find. For uber items he will find max level 32 items (hero level + 30) and for legendary items max level 22.

Like I try to tell you, there is no restriction on the chest he can get. You don’t need to reach a certain hero level to be able to get a legendary chest. Daily map of even a hero level 2 contains two uber chests as reward.

So he gets legendary chests for sure for watching a video and the gold in there depends on treasure room plus throne room level.

But indeed, he will use cash. You need more workers at least to upgrade a lot simultaneously. Still it’s not smart to let the hero level that low. And… I would never join a team were the leader obviously isn’t raiding/helping during war seasons. 

Also, this is going off topic. Coming back to the topic, Flare has done well to ban cheaters. Any potential hacker must be reported with concrete evidence.