Alliances Challenge

 Hello friends

During weeks without war release the possibility of the challenge between alliances. For example on Thursday nights an alliance could challenge another alliance in a swift war, the spoils could be divine chests with gems and wisdom.
The challenge could be locked on an island lasting two hours or even there could be the possibility to customize the challenge, there being a cost in gems or gold.
 It would be fun, it would increase the dispute between the alliances and both sides (players and FG) would win.

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As for the idea, I would much rather have this as a war mode and have something NOT PVP for the spare week. WIth OR as it is, PvE aspect is lacking, while the pvp is also very repetitive.

I don’t know if they’re going to keep the week off war after 4.0 comes out, but I’d love to see an expanded odyssey on the off week if they do. Maybe have it run the full week and have 6 or 7 adventures, something like that. 

I would actually push for something a little bit more global. Maybe something along the lines of the war map populated by odyssey bases as opponents, where an alliance (Only one per such map of course) needs to defeat enough monster bases to capture each island. Each base should only be defeated once and every alliance member should get a finite set of attacks they may use (so you have to be strategic about which player attacks what island and base). The bases would scale in difficulty between islands too (1 sk = easy, 5 sk = hard).