Alliances falling apart

i notice that a lot of alliances are falling apart. The first alliance I joined already lost most of it’s original players including me.


I left that alliance for a couple of reasons, but my main reason was that the leader wasn’t leveling the alliance up at all while the needed gold was already available for a couple of days.


Because my daughter would like to be in the same alliance as me, I started a new one. The alliance started to grow but I noticed that almost half of the people just joined the alliance for the gold boost and not willing to donate anything at all. As soon as I became online, they quickly disconnected. After more than a week I just had enough of these players unwilling to help the alliance at all. Acting as a team was not on their mind I guess, but they were not leaving either.


So it became decision time, either throw the non-team players out or just join another alliance. Throwing half of the players out would be the dead stab for he alliance, so we picked option 2, join another Alliance, since option 3 was not thatobvious. Option 3 in my opinion should be to erase the Alliance, this is possible though by throwing everyone out and then leave the Alliance. I didn’t want to take this decision for others, even when they didn’t want to act like team players, so I promoted the most loyal player and then left.


Sometimes I just lookup the ex alliances, especially the one I started by myself. The first alliance is reduced a lot and many players left. The alliance I created by myself also is left by almost any player I remember (especially the team players). When I search for some of those team players of my previous alliances, I see they are switching alliances a lot. Maybe they are wandering around in a search for alliances that fit them well.


But even players that daily attacked me a couple of times, seem to switch a lot.  Besides this phenomena I notice that a lot of playersthere are some players are willing to spend a lot of real money. Unfortunately I believe even those alliances still have no chance to grow, since I don’t expect that a lot of team players wil join them, but hey maybe I am wrong.


In my opinion I feel a lot of the alliances out of there are doomed to disappear. Since there is a max number of players allowed in an alliance, only the real strong alliances will survive and the ones with loyal players who feel happy inside their current alliance.


I am interested in the opinion of other players. Are a lot of alliances out there doomed or not?

I don’t have experienced these problems, but only the version where “it just works” as I’ve found my group even before the alliances arrived in the game.

The success of an alliance has probably a lot to do with the relationship of it’s members:


The game itself only offers to pour a group of strangers together into one big pot. This doesn’t create a very strong team-feeling as no one really cares about any of the others - can’t blame them a lot, because no one knows each other.


On the other hand there’s the version where the players not only form an alliance in the game, but also meet up through other channels (like the forum here or their own facebook-groups). They know each other, act like a team, a lot of them become online-friends and it may even feel like an in-game-family. That’s probably the bonding that creates a stronk (intentionally mistyped - a few readers may know why *g*) and successful alliance.


It can work and there are already a few good examples of that. But alliances can also fail and there also are many examples for that - and there will likely be a lot more I think…

People have maybe been leaving because of the so called “mistake” was made by flare

I think the problem is that, if you don’t know the people in your alliance and they don’t know you, there is no bond between them except the things you get from the alliance, e.g. elite boosts & gold boosts. And if they can find a better alliance, then they leave. It’s as simple as that. They are in the alliance for what they can get from it, nothing else.

It’s called making friends Mr. E

The problem is that nobody actually makes friends anymore. They just make acquaintances. Although they might “friend” them on Facebook, they are still just acquaintances. E.G. nobody talks about their life experiences, even if they are “friends”.

Well in Todesritter we talk about everything , life , games , past experience everything !  :wink:

The rise and fall of Alliances is natural.


Ill share an Alliance survival story with you…


I Joined an alliance that was 19 on leaderboard. Its leader, a confident young man with aspirations to be the best!

Soon after I joined, that leader needed to move on and asked me if I could step up and be Alliance leader. I said “thanks, but no thanks”. He kept looking for a few days without sucess. In the best intrest of my new buddy and the Alliance I releved him of his duty and took over.

 Now a clan of this kind is nothing without a narsisistic maniac at the helm. And although I am certinly that, Im also not available 24 hours a day (Another requirement of strong leadership). Moral and confidance dropped to an all time low with members dropping out in a panic. We slipped from 10th worldwide to 42nd! oh no! abandon ship!

 The Alliance demanded action be taken. looking at the numbers what was being asked of me (get us back to top 20) required kicking a shitpile of member based on there metal count. I just didnt have the heart to do that. I handed leader spot to the lead Mutaneer to do the “dirty work”.

 Ethical? idk.

 Did it work? yes.

He got us back to a top ranking. Alliance currenly sits 20th on leaderboard.

True story…it was weak and non team players (non donors) who were kicked…but the success of Valhalla is all Teamwork and we are a very stable alliance now. Our only problem is lack of free slots for a few excellent applicants.


I definitely don’t agree with that statement!

There are some alliances that seem to be very stable.

But to others that may very well be true.


There are different approaches to leading an alliance.

As well as different people preferring different strategies or leadership styles.


I can just speak for myself here:

I wouldn’t feel home or secure in an alliance knowing that having the lowest medals can get you kicked. It wouldn’t really encourage me to stay true to my alliance because I know they won’t be loyal to me when the time comes. You just have to take a look at the member list to get an idea who’s the next one to be booted out if a stronger one comes along (huck, you’re next! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have a strong community on the other hand, you know you won’t get kicked and by that are encouraged to donate and not abandon ship should the sea get a little rougher. But I doubt a “narcissistic maniac” would be the right person to gather a loyal community around him - an exception could perhaps be a group of other maniacs feeling at home there… :wink:

lolz my wallet is keeping me in for now im the top donater! hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


ive been offered membership in higher ranking clubs and turned em down for that very reason. nobody wants to be the weakest link.


no argument from me on loyalty being critical. why i didnt have the heart to lead em in the direction they were going.

I also think the weakness in Alliances is also somewhat due to the fact that you have to pay extra for the Boost now the gold bonus isn’t even enough to make or break a die hard player and I can see failure to donate on a regular basis being a huge problem,But it seems to me that most of the ship jumpers are looking for that Alliance that has the Big Spenders in it who will donate the extra cash to continue to monopolize on the boost portion of the game.In short they all want a free ride to dominance.The trick is to have Alliance members who are in the same boat you are. You can’t be a penny pincher in an Alliance full of credit card swiping lunatics your just not gonna fit in but by that same token you can’t be a big spender in an Alliance full of Scrooge McDucks either cause then you’d be carrying everyone else.Stick with it it’ll come together.I recently switched Alliances too but not for gold or boosts or chatter I switch strictly off of participation.We don’t have to talk,we don’t have to spend money,but we do have to at least play the game 5 times a week if to do nothing but donate to your Alliance empty your silo and log off again

Or make an Alliance of Punisher fans that attack the Kingpins of crimes for killing there familys!


Get em, Frank!

I agree you have to be in an alliance with players with a similar enthusiasm and willingness to spend money.

Hi, I just wonder how you can grow a connection between eich other? Some here even speak about having a kind of friendship with eich other. I also have an Alliance and would like to become strong(er). (today we are on position 693, but I want to make room for other players since some of my players aren’t donating/ inactive, so that means our rank will drop down)


But the chatfunction really sucks, I tried to connect with my members, but that seems to be really difficult, since they are hardly online when I am online or they simply don’t reply.

Also there is no possibility to send a message to a single member…few of my members don’t donate often and I’d like to tell them they need to donate more, or I’ll have to kick them out.

Now all I can do is waiting in hope they either come online, or donate.

there are many ways to pull a group together. by comming to this forum your off to a great start!

make a space where your members can speak like a website or a FB group.

or even a skype group when you can all talk in a live confrence call! those are fun.


some are jus going to be busy or shy but that little green checkmark by there name in donation box should tell you they support you.

if they dont work for the group there is a kick button too. dont be afraid to use it. its still early in the Allince forming prosses.


If that doesnt work Royal Dotchies is a great internet poker name :grinning:


good luck!