Alliances making pacts to win best enhancements is destroying the game

Some alliances have started making deals with other alliances during a war that allows each to earn the best enhancements with the greatest amount of bonus percentages for them. They do this by agreeing to initiate an attack on an island, but then instruct their members not to attack it. So they mark the island with a red X and focus on defending the island that they are defending. In this way neither alliance loses or gains a torch, but each gains massive enhancement bonuses for the following wars and for the duration of the off season. Alliances then end up with extremely strong barricades, gates and towers. This makes it extremely difficult to defend ones region during the off season, and consequently, end up losing valuable resources due to islands being taken over by people who have gained an advantage be unfair means. While I liked the enhancement bonus twist in the beginning when first introduced, the game now has become too difficult to play during the off season past the second war due to too many people having gates and defenses that are nearly impossible to defeat. It is only when the playing field becomes level again after enhancements are taken away that the game is once again fun to play. I’m not sure what the solution is. But I’d like to hear what others think.

It’s a lot better now that the rewards are half as strong.

@Vern there have been several other threads raging for the last few weeks regarding the bigger picture of ‘cartels’ of alliances making deals to win leagues. For example Titan League has a cartel of 8 alliances which all give away islands (for torches mainly but of course enhancements are a big incentive) and basically most of the positions in TL and maybe GL (I hear there are weaker cartels there) are fake to an extent. I’m not sure what league you play in?

I’m advised the devs did not have this cartel system in mind in devising the war system and at some point in the future it will be addressed. As to when is anyones guess, but for me it would be a priority as it is making the principle war feature pointless.


I’m in the league below Titans. It would be one thing if the deals only effected the period for which the war runs. Or if it only effected torches. The biggest complaint and biggest problem I have is that for 2-6 weeks my resources are depleted and the amount of gems I have to spend to defeat defenses has increased substantially. I just spent 24 gems to get through a gate that I was able to get through without gems prior to the new war season. And I know it has to do with the gate enhancements that the alliance won. Then add to this the fact that I’m routinely being paired against players that are 15 ascension levels above me and the problem becomes even worse. It is one thing to try and take on players within 5-10 ascension levels above me that are from my own league, but quit another when being paired with players from the Titan league that have unfairly gained enhancements that make it impossible to beat. I understand that this was something that would have been difficult for flaregames employees to foresee. But now that they are aware of it, they need to act on the information. They should at least reduce even further the strength of the enhancement on barricades and gate.

There was also talk at one point of making the enemies you see on your islands more to your strength, especially where league is concerned. Maybe a system that incorporates fame + additional current war enhancements +trophy lvl + ascension lvl to then put more appropriate enemies on your islands.
For many high level players it’s the reverse feature, we don’t generally see tough player bases, and can send Helen on AP around all day collecting resources.
FG say the trophy leaderboard and island enemies is a very sensitive system and small tweaks often have unforeseen problems like seeing the same enemy appear many times during a single day for example.

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Which alliance was it?

I recently climbed to level 131. But even when I was level 128 I would be surrounded by players that were between 145-150. While I am now down to a little more than 7,000 trophies I was up over 8,000 trophies 6-8 weeks ago. But then I began to be swarmed by high level players that all to often had trophy counts exceeding 60,000 and sometimes reached more than 100,000. The cost of continuing to play the game is becoming too much. Because my resources are cut due to islands being taken over by players that far exceed my ascension level and trophy count. Basically, someone that has played for 11-14 months is being paired with people that have been playing for 3 years or more. And it is impossible to enjoy the game under these circumstances. Especially since many people now have enhancements that make it nearly impossible to break through their gate.

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Olympus OverlordsIN

Yeah I can believe that, many of us do still see familiar names very often, some good lvl players have been reduced from 6-7k trophies down as low as 2-3k and lower, just because of the matchmaking algorithm which for me still needs a lot work.
Part of the problem is the relatively small number of bases that we could potentially fight, I think as the players reach max lvl they obviously can’t fight anyone higher level so the system provides potential matches downwards. I’ve found players 25+ ascension levels lower than my own before, whether they had hit a trophy cap for ascension level I’m not sure. But the problem you describe has also been raised before several months ago.

The trophy system and matchmaking in general was definitely better before the level caps were eased and then removed. It’s way more broken now. There was a lot less incentive for endless trophy farming before and the top performers would get blasted every once in a while and appear on everyone’s map. Now all the punishment goes to low trophy players. Very unfun for them and unfair.

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So why can’t flaregames create opponents for the high level players? How hard would it be for them to create 30-50 designer accounts? I believe they already do it for the Odysseys since when I search the names of players I’m pitted against in the Odyssey the search cannot find them.

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Or they could just revert the trophy/matchmaking system to what it was before people whined.

But Odyssey is a PVE event and the map is PVP. I don’t see them wanting to change either of them.