Alliances recruiting then kicking out after getting money?

I was invited to join an alliance, and then after I did and I donated, I was kicked out. I was in for like 3 minutes! Is there a list of alliances that do this so you can avoid this? I feel like I was ripped off, and now I have to wait a whole cooldown session before I can donate to the new alliance I just joined (if he doesn’t kick me out before the cooldown time is over).


Is there a way that the writers of the game can change it to where if you are kicked out of an alliance, you do not have to wait the whole cooldown time before being able to donate again??



Ouch,sorry man I don’t know any alliances that do that but if I find some ill let you know:)

Join mine, king name demixhunter, i have no memembers and am the only 1 donating

sorry to hear, but I checked you out and you seem to be fitting in the lions den alliance, mike wont kick you out, I know it

I don’t think they will be able to do anything about the donation timer


otherwise ppl cud donate. leave alliance, rejoin and donate again, rinse, repeat

Which alliance kicked you out? The best way to fix this is to shame them.


I really don’t want to point fingers, especially since it seems like it was just me that it happened to (since there were no other posts on this topic). I am not sure if the leader had a bone to pick with me or what (I raided his base a lot as it was a lot of money for the straight base win and I got 10-12 trophies per raid, not realizing he was a leader, nor did I realize when I joined the alliance that he was the leader of that alliance). All that in hindsight. I’m just gonna chalk this up to a lesson that needed to be learned. Check out the leader before you accept the invitation.


Thanks to all for the encouragement that not all leaders are like that.

This happend to me once. I got invited (or I requested to get in) to an alliance. Then only a couple of minutes after I joined, I was already removed from the alliance. I think I didn’t even made a donation yet. I guess that this happend just because of the amount of gold that I could donate, 20k (currently within a day 100k :stuck_out_tongue:

Once, I accidentally invited someone with a level 3 alliance tower. I felt bad about it but I kicked him quickly, because that’s not fair to the other members who donate 10x that on a daily basis.


Sorry to hear that. I know how it feels to be kicked out in the clan. You are not alone. 

Just remember when a door closes another door opens.

So cheer up and put your head up high… :slight_smile:

maybe those alliance wants member with higher trophy rank and who can make higher daily donation. They have better candidate so they kick u. 

Not helping the case shyong, all that matters is that he found a place to stay now, learn to forgive and forget

I also don’t do that, grabbing the gold and then kick a person out, it’s really not fair I think.

But it is also impossible to explain yourself when you are not both online. You simply can’t send a message. I find that very unhandy.


I don’t like it, but I do kick people out who hardly donate. I really find that annoying since I/ we want to let the Alliance grow and I find it unfair to the ones who donate a lot.

But what I’d like is the possibility to talk with them befóre kicking them out, so we can possibly work it out and the kick out isn’t neccesary anymore.

Exactly on a better messaging system. I’ve had moments where I’ve had to kick members that I’d rather not but I have no way of negotiating with them since messages disappear and not everyone is on the forums. It also hurts the Alliance when a player is kicked regardless whether they donated or not; I try to give a week before I make the decision of kicking a inactive or non-donating member out. United We Stand is full of loyal and very active and chatty members now. We’re growing up to the top 100s at 475 thanks to it.

Thanks again everyone. I can understand the kicking for not donating. IT was just hard being invited by them (I did not request to join) and then being kicked after only being in 5 minutes - I made a donation and was kicked). Anyways, it’s all for the best because I am part of an amazing alliance now! :wink: