Allinace makeover

1.  Guys i know this have been proposed earlier but i dont think why it has not been implemented yet. In current scenario building and growing an allinace is tough. Many players come and demand general position (bdw many players are with good soul and wanted to help allinace but all they need is a higher position). After this leader made that guy general and allinace went good… But some of them are not good and that hampers allinace in many ways like activation of unwanted and waste elites for numerous days and also leveling up allinace in a crucial time where gold is most needed like a war. Also it fits to another context where we cant make all generals in an allinace. Generals have heavy duty except playing but many soldier dont want extra burden rather than just playing (But they are super loyal to allinace) In that case we should have so ranks to assign them as a form of respect to them for their works without giving him more pressure. So again we need more ranks and some extra powers which will make them feel better and also that ranks will act as a restriction for those unwanted newcomers asking general spot. 

  1. Its a hassle for allinaces who keep allinace closed. For an example an allinace is 60 leveled and they kept alliance closed but they are getting numerous requests from ids level 30 kings or high players with low donations like a king 90 leveled  but donation is 10k. Plz make available some conditions in allinace like minimum donations,  level etc. 

P. S. But still by applying these conditions if the generals and leader decided to let any low player in they can take by inviting. That means the low player can get into allinace if he got an invitation… Doesn’t  matter whether  he  fulfil the requirements for ally or not

  1. Make some additional data available for generals and leader its a tough work to do all the maths on a sheet or excel. Also some extra not so imp info like total troop donation of a player to ally mates should be welcomed. It will help players to know whether he is really helping out or not. 

  2. Make a different chat section for ally generals…it will be great help for low and average allinaces who dont have any other option to talk like fb and whatsapp groups cause many dont wanna give their personal ids to others… At that point it will be helpful to many…   High level allinace dont need this but still it will be a awesome feature if added. 

  3. Make the logo on the castle gate as the flag of the allinace… It will be a nice visual change. 

  4. We have a name confirmation when a general or leader launch an attack like mr. X attacked on team A. Same feature needed on who is kicking… Who is accepting players… Also who activated elite boosts… Also if possible who is prolonging boosts. 

  5. Also as proposed by various players make war map spherical… That will give all same opportunities. 

Apart from allinace topic

  1. Every games like rr2 has a global leaderboard as well as local leader board based on country basis… So why not here??

  2. Should be a nice step if country flags are added to our base only for decoration purpose. 

Version 4.0 is yet to come… Hope these proposals will make to game along with others and game will be super fun  :wink:

Unfortunately, all of the suggestions have been voiced multiple times each here and promptly ignored. Here’s to hoping 4.0 brings some good stuff!

This board is abandoned by Flare-Team. Posting here is like cave painting - maybe in a few thousand years researchers find it and take note of our upcoming doom.

Also some more points i am adding if possible… Only we can do is hope

I know it won’t be heard by flare, but a few things i wish they’d implement:

  1. when you click on a player’s “page”, it should show the flag of the language(s) they speak.  I think a lot of players leave because they see the chatter on the message board, but can’t follow it. We try to translate when we can, but sometimes the players don’t respond at all. 

  2. I would LOVE a “reputation” rating system of players so when we recruit, we would know who is a regular donater/fighter and who is a deadbeat who tends to join just before a war, never donates, never fights, but gets a ton of skulls against them in the wars, then leaves right after mooching the bonuses.  Something like amazon or ebay has where the alliance leader can comment and the deadbeats would no longer have free reign as nobody would want them in their alliance if they had a low reputation.

  3. I’d like to see a button that the leader can click that would allow boosts to renew automatically.  

Just a few thoughts. 


I like #1 and #3. For #2 there is a high risk of abuse imho.

@KrishnaKabi near the bottom of your suggestions you put a suggestion of global AND country leaderboards. You are correct, I totally agree with this one. The snapshot below is of weekly leaderboards in Bloons TD Battles. Different trophy system, but I believe the same thing you are talking about

Yep exactly that is what i was asking for