Allow alliances to set specific parameters for apply to join

Its an old problem in the game that when your alliance is set to Apply to Join you will have players that many just joined the game that week or even that day request to join top alliances. There needs to be an option where alliances can limit who requests to join by donation amount, king level, trophies, skull perk or similar criterion. It just gets annoying and is a huge waste of time when you have hundreds of requests and only about 10 of them are actually even relevant to your requirements. Added to this feature should be an option to block certain players from requesting to join. Both features would be very helpful.

I suggested something like this earlier. I agree that it would be helpful


Yes, I guess it would help a lot.

I think the idea is excellent but there is a problem of excess of alliances created if once you focus on the real problems that can really help the game to progress