Allow defenses to be sold

I dont know if it was already proposed but would be great if we could Sell the defenses that we dont use in order to improve the new ones


Yes, some buildings are just wastes like arrow towers in high level but not for beginners.  So they must be sold when we reach a good level . 

I agree . ??

Arrow tower is a good tower at max levels

bad idea to sell towers, cuz everything is changing in the game.

barricades are very good now.

and imagine they will make a boost for Arrow, but you sold them. What u will do?

Only useful if you somehow made more than 16 obstacles or 22 of any tower. And if that’s possible, just don’t put any more gold into it.

Just prolong to forge them non stop)

Why would you ever want to sell a tower/obstacle?

Every tower/obstacle is either useful now or might become useful in the future thanks to a balance change.