Allow players to use their extra xp for creating additional kingdoms

Please, consider allowing players who hit the ceiling of their progress, to extend their kingdom through optional creation of satellite kingdoms for their own prince/princes(s). These smaller kingdoms may be inferior to the main kingdom in certain ways, but they can help uber active spenders or free players to stand out. Many top players will have fun starting over and lower sections of the leaderboard will enjoy more activity than it does now.

Here’s how I suggest it to be implemented:

  • At level 130 all players must be allowed to have the first of their heirs. At level 150 the second heir can be added. At level 200, another and at level 300 even another
  • These satellite kingdoms can provide extra resources that can be donated daily. Be it alliance gold, or conquest resources
  • Each of the heirs will have their own private wardrobe, pal collection, leaderboard rank and xp pool and can reach level 130
  • A different set of spells or units or pals can be introduced that will be only usable by them but not the main king
  • Number of allowed raids in war seasons per heir will be kept limited to 3 (this can be scaled with their level). They can never be considered a replacement for full kings like this, but they will help smaller teams facing problems in finding enough participants for a war
  • In conquests, Heirs can only move a smaller number of troops with themselves and will be limited to max 3 raids per battle same as war seasons
  • Pro-league should be only playable on main kingdom or there may be 5 extra levels specific to any heir
  • Ninja levels for heirs can be different from the main kingdom and rewards may be inferior
  • Main or satellite kingdoms should not able to raid each other

Thanks for considering in advance

this is mine:

My friend Fred even has more than that. We also have many members past $7B xp. We want to start over while we know that increasing level cap beyond 130 can turn game’s balance into a mess.

If I get this right: you want some form of multiaccount be playable from one account.

As if the game hasn’t enough problems already with all the multiaccount users. Just looking at some of our opponents in war/conquest, I am not sure if there are even 5 different persons playing.


In a fun but very very limited manner. All 130 kings/queen can opt-in to have a prince/princess for now and in 2 years a 2nd heir may happen to some players. Next one won’t happen in 5 years from now unless flare chooses to speed up leveling up for players.

These satellite kingdoms will explicitly share the main IGN, they can’t help with abuse of leaderboard, they can’t affect war results, they can help free players donate more resources in return for time they spend and they will keep the fun ongoing for players who feel bored at the top.

How much xp has Fred?
It’s evident that you, your teammates and friends play whole days in this game (I would call your group as professional players).

yes we do play a lot. but getting that much xp is not that hard. leveling up from 120-130 took me 2.5 weeks I remember. I have no idea why people spend years going from 110-115. it must be a total lack of activity.

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