Allow to pause game longer

It’s annoying when you pause the game because you have to run some errands but there is a very short limit to it, like maybe just 5 minutes. Sometimes, answering a simple phone call can take longer than even 5 minutes. Please extend it to like maybe 15 minutes.

In the middle of a match you mean? Its less than 5 minutes.

He means to just leave the game idle before it reconnects. It’s a common thing in these games and slightly annoying that you literally have to run to grab some tea/food/whatever. Should take slightly longer to reset but 15 is too long. 8-10 minutes maybe.

Bad idea many people will pause the game when attacking a player and others will see that the player is online online online… 

Not 100% sure, but i think you are limited what you can do if you come online while under attack as well.
would hate to be sitting there 15minutes cause someone needed to go to the little boys room.

It doesn’t really affect you, apart from the little sword icon beside your gold, where if you click on it, your queen will just tell you how much the raider is trying to steal.


You can still do whatever you want.

I meant in the middle of raid, sorry for the lack of clarity. When you pause in the middle of raid after a certain time the timer starts running again even though you didn’t unpause

are you sure you can attack while someone is attacking you?

Yes. I’ve done that before many times. I’ve raided other players while the symbol of that sword thing is beside my gold amount. If I wait, the Queen will come and “announce” how much I saved if the raider failed, but if I raid while the sword symbol is on, I will just miss the Queen’s “announcement”.

ok, whats your plan on not allowing this change to be abused by ppl wanting to stay online longer so they dont get attacked.

I don’t see the problem really, the fights are quite short, if the call is important just have to sacrifice your battle. If not important, call them back after.
I think most people can work out if they “need” to go grab food or tea in the next two minutes before starting a battle. Either don’t start the battle or wait til its over to get your food.

I don’t think it’ll be a simple fix, and not worth it tbh, very little to gain and potentially worse downsides.


I am asking for what seems like a 5 minutes pause limitation to be extended to 15 minutes. How much more can a person abuse it?

Oh, okay then, nevermind. Didn’t even know it does that, I hardly ever pause during raids.

I’ll agree with 4Jacks though, raids aren’t nearly long enough to justify long pausing. If you have issues with people calling the middle of a raid you can easily avoid it if you have wifi - just turn off cellular and play via wifi, no one’s gonna interrupt you.

well they only need to come back 4 times an hour, compared to 12.

could watch telly just attack a new person every ad break and pause.
waste of time for most, but that’s what people do when you give them the opportunity.

I understand, but think a better fix is just to make sure you don’t attack around a time that you may disconnect. Agree though, maybe make it a little longer