Allow us to attack online players

Hi developers and members,

Many people complain of there not being enough gold be it during an event or between wars. I’m sure everyone here has had “no gold” times. Some of us have it very often. It can be very frustrating to not be able to find enough gold to be able to fill up your treasure chamber in a realistic amount of time. Also, many times the matchmaker will show someone who has a lot of gold and when you attempt to attack that person, the game says that you can’t because they are online. 

I have a simple solution to this. I think that we should be allowed to attack people who are online as well. This way it should be much easier to get gold and also for those who get attacked it will be easier to replace their gold. Maybe the developers can make a special gold shield button that players who are changing their base can activate. This button will be a once or 2x a day gold shield button which will protect the player’s gold for 20-30 minutes and only works while the player is online. So once activated it will only stay active while the player is online so he can fix his base. Once he logs off his base is no longer protected and anybody can attack him unless he activated one of the standard gold shields. 

Guys please let me know what you think of this idea.

The idea is not in final stages. This is just a concept. I’m sure there will have to be certain stops put into place so a player isn’t farmed while hes online otherwise it will be difficult for some players to hold onto their gold. Feel free to comment and add suggestions on how this can be made to work or if you think its  a bad idea you can say that too lol.

Thanks for reading.

I don’t know, I think that part of the game is fine just as it is now.

Off-topic: Wait… Are you MightyMouseKing from Shadow Fall? Dude, I raid you all the time :wink:  … Nothing personal, your base gives me high medals, but still I can beat it.

Hi Karman yup thats me. I guess I have work to do lol.

I also think it’s ok the way it is now. When I am collecting gold I don’t want to be robbed during that period of time.

I would be negatively surprised after a raid when my gold amount decreased instead of the opposite. How can you ever plan upgrades that way? Now some players always make sure that gold in their treasure room never is higher than the protected gold. Those bases only show a littlebit gold, since you can only steal from their taverns which probably aren’t maxed. So they have no gold at all.

I would add a feature to the game that makes it more attractive to leave gold behind unprotected. Make milestones and reward such players with chests.

For example, stolen gold in total

  • 20M     => Grey chest
  • 50M     => Green chest
  • 100M   => Blue chest
  • 250M   => Purple chest
  • 500M   => Golden chest
  • 1000M => Uber chest

After the uber chest has been rewarded, reset it and start all over. This way players who leave gold behind for grab at least are rewarded for doing so. It also helps players to find descent gold.

It has happened to me yesterday:

While online I received a message stating I was attacked but was able to save 100k gold. When closing the message I received 100k gold to my treasury. There was however nothing in my attack history.

I immediately restarted and there was the normal message of the attack and the attack history was updated.

That happens during several occasions. The first one is that you just reconnect while being under attack.

The second one probably happened to you. When you are online and don’t do any raids for a certain period of time. Some players just kept the game open and used an alternative method to stay online 24/7, so they could not be raided at all. To prevent this, flare added the question to check if you are still online and by clicking you comfirmed to be online. This message also appears when you are answering someone in your friend list.

Since some players were creative and even used other applications to move the mouse and click every now and then on several positions to fake being online, Flare added a mechanism to make it possible to raid persons who are online for about 20-30 minutes without showing real activity like doing a raid. So this possibly happened to you.

So it means online attacks are already possible.

It means that if there is very creative people who can do an attack every 20min they will never be attacked.

It means that it is possible to receive extra gold when a attack fails. It means there is finally a good reason to invest in better defences.

Dena4, all the things you say makes me want the online attacks even more! I would suggest an online attack party where everyone can be attacked for 2 days. Lets see how it goes. Maybe even you will like it.

What you suggest already exists, it is called war season. You actually can raid online opponents that are in war with your alliance. Only difference is that during war season raids you don’t actually lose gold while being attacked. 

You don’t get extra gold when a raid fails. When you are raided, first action that happens is that possible loot stolen is taken away out of your taverns plus treasure room (only when a part of your gold isn’t procected by treasure room, it is taken also out of the treasure room) and you are marked as being online. This is to prevent multiple attacks at the same time.  When you login for example while you are under attack the total sum is subtracted from your gold total. When for a reason a raid isn’t 100%, the part that isn’t stolen is returned to your treasure room. So in the end you have less gold, not more. After the raid, your base is marked as not being online (unless you just logged in) and others or the same player can attack again.

Even when only gold is stolen out of taverns you still lose gold, when for example you would not have been raided and clicked on the taverns, your total gold would be higher (the part stolen should be added to total sum)

Reason to invest in better defense is to make it less likely that all raids succeed, so less gold is stolen. That’s not the only reason. When opponents fail during war season, they get less skulls and when all members invest in defense, the reward could be winning more prices during war seasons (war boosts as reward). A perfect defense doesn’t exist, although there are some extremely tough bases out there, there are also very good raiders out there, so don’t expect to stop everyone raiding your base.

I don’t see a purpose to be able to raid everyone possible even while players are online. The only winner will be flare, because major part of the players will activate a gold shield for three days, so that no gold is lost.

It is logical to prevent raids while being online, say I am willing to upgrade a tower for 10M and am busy to collect the gold. I have already 8M collected and raid for example and would get 300k gold. The more gold you possess, the more you will lose. You can try it, say your protected gold is 1M and leave for example 5.5M behind (4.5M unprotected). return in 12 hours. You will see that even when you get 100+ raids, max gold loss is 2.1M. When you leave 4.5M, you will see that 1.6M is robbed max.

Now back to the example, I have 8M in vault and raid 300k. During my raid another player raids me, I lose 600k and win 300k. This is bringing me no step further, in fact I go backwards. I will never be able to reach the 10M, since I lose more gold than I am able to collect. Flare prevents this by protecting your gold while being online.

Could be could be not. You have no proof for this assumption. And even if there are some players doing that:
it is neglectable, when there are 5 or 10 or even 100 of them, considering there are 500000 accounts (inlcuding
fakes :grinning: ).

No, you never have more gold than before. The gold for a 100% successful raid is subtracted from your gold
balance and presented to you, when you login while somebody is raiding you. If the raider fails, you get added
that % of gold, that he didn’t take from you. But it is your own gold, you don’t gain anything.  :grinning:

Bottom line: NO, this feature would prevent you from gaining gold for upgrades, or you’d have to “race” against
the attackers. They can attack more than you, because they are “thousands” and you are only one player. You
have to wait for bread, they don’t, because another attacker just steps in, etc.
Everything is fine now as it is. And the solution is simple, if you try to attack an online player: just attack somebody
else, there are thousands of them :grinning:

I don’t know, to me it is part of the game and it is good how it is. Yeah, it would be nice to farm a lot of gold in no time, just raiding bases which offer 1m gold, no matter if the owner of the base is offline or not but at the same time, it would happen to me, I could be online thinking I have a lot of gold, enough for the upgrade but in fact people would steal it. Yes, getting a lot of gold is nice, yes, farming gold for hours and sometimes all the time and effort is not enough to make an upgrade sucks but this is a game. It would kind of lose its point if everyone would be able to make a lot of upgrades without any efforts just withing a few raids.

The online raid against me was 60% successful and I received 100k extra gold. THAT AWESOME!

Do you get 1000 attacks while offline? Why would it be different now that you are online? What are you really afraid of?

online attacks should be even simpler. WHY NOT TEST IT FOR 2 DAYS?

What is your hero level PrinceObi1? Like we tell you, you don’t get 100k extra gold, disconnect and login again. Check attack history. The number you see there is the amount of gold you actually lost instead, like we said yo don’t get gold, you lose it. The 100k is just saved of being lost. Our upgrades cost 7M+ minimal and there is a point that you simply lose more gold than you ever will be able to raid, it’s as simple as that. So you never will be able to get enough gold to upgrade when everyone can attack anybody out there. The higher in trophies/hero level the more chances you have to get raided and especially when your base isn’t strong.

A strong base depends on alliance also, without boosts most bases are beatable for 90+ heros. So that’s why top players are member of very high alliances, they have the strongest boosts for attack plus defense. A player level 90 will not often raid a level 70 hero, while the opposite can be true.

Sure… When upgrades cost max 1M it’s still doable, but we speak of upgrades up to 15M and with opportunity to get raided (and robbed) while being online you will never ever be able to score that amount of gold, unless you use a gold shield.

And even when you do manage to just reach the gold, you would be negative surprised that an upgrade fails, because you were just robbed of some required gold needed for the upgrade. You can say that there is a limit that can be robbed during a certain period of time, but how you are going to make sure that this constraint is valid? Only way is by preventing raids or give no gold at all when the max is reached. The max gold you can lose depends on the gold you have when you disconnect and the amount of time passed. Like I said, leave 5.5M behind in vault and return in 12 hours. Max 2.1M is robbed. When you immediately connect again after a few minutes, the first raid (100%) always 600k is stolen.

My record of raids against my base while being offline is 165 while opening my base. Just add your name to the open base list topic, leave some descent gold behind (several M), open your base and there you go. Return after 12 hours and you would be surprised to see how often you are attacked, when you leave the base open for a couple of days and refill gold. In the beginning players didn’t find your base yet, but the news is spread fast, by players sharing it with team members (player x has open base!) and a day later even more players tried their luck. When gold is scarse (after event boost offense/defense for example) you should definitely try it. You are guaranteed to get a lot of raids when you passed 4.5k+ trophies, have hero level 90+ and open your base, not when you are around 2k with a relative low hero level.

We are not afraid of being raided, we explained why it’s no good idea. We don’t have to test it, some of us play the game already for 2+ years including me. In the beginning there was no gold protection and also no limit that could be stolen. When you went offline (due to a crash or by yourself), you could bet you would have lost all your gold most times, unless you used a gold shield. And at those days there were no attack limits. A bully could raid you endless times in a row.

You have to understand that there are valid reasons why the rule is that players online can’t be raided. Having a chance to collect gold is one of them.

Dena4, I really enjoy your detailed explanations. ?

What I can take from what you say is that you really believe that online attacks will ruin the game.

And I am very grateful that my upgrades does not cost 15mil. You have played more than 2 years. You are most probably a leader of one of those top boosted alliances. How long are you planning to continue playing this addiction of a game?

No I am not the leader of a top boosted alliance. I am the leader of Genie and Master. Leader is incorrect choice of word, I am more like the manager of the team, anyone of my members is able to be the leader. That’s why we sometimes give lead during a season to a general, to build up experience.

We never overboost ourselves, just a few ones and most times only during war season.

That’s an alliance where we have specific rules like:

  • Cash free
  • Enjoy the game
  • Have fun
  • Private life comes first
  • Respect all members
  • Members are important
  • This is a game, no need to be online hours per day

My team is a virtual family, consisting of very loyal members. I am going on playing this game for a while that I can guarantee.

You can find info over my team here


Thanks for the explanation Jack ?

I do have another question: During war time online wars are allowed where you do not loose gold when raided and you are online. Why not use this same method during peace time? (It will surely not interfere with your 15mil upgrades)

That doesn’t sound a like a bad idea, but I guess Flare will never implement it because it would count as generating gold out of nowhere. On war at least the amount of attacks is limited and the offered loot isn’t usually very high. So, in normal raids, let’s say a players offers you 700k, but he’s online, then you can still attack him and get a lot of loot, but he doesn’t lose anything, the game is generating a huge amount of gold with magical powers just to give it to you for the raid, doing that would be like giving you free gems for nothing, so is not happening. Now that I explained that, I guess that maybe that does kill the essence of the game too a bit.

Thanks Karman for explanations

I have two more suggestions:

  1. Allow online attacks when match finder gives you a online king.

  2. Allow online attacks for first revenge attack.


Why should I pay gold for a new match only to find the king is online and I cannot attack him?

Why is it so hard to find a time to revenge attack some kings? They seems to be online 24/7