allow us to remove spells from equip spot

sometimes I click in the top right corner of my screen to move my character forward and accidentally use my gems on a spell. now whenever i’m attacking I feel I have to be extra careful when moving in that direction. I never plan on using magic that uses gems as I feel it’s a complete waste considering how hard it is to save them up and the incredible amount of other useful things I can spend them on. if we could be allowed to remove the equipped spells then I would not have to worry so much about dumping gems down the drain with a simple mis-click.

Hi, this idea has been already suggested by many players, but i’m still currently wonder me too why it’s not possible to do that.

It’d be easy to implement, but 1. for every gem wasted on accidental scrolling, a player needs to either buy more gems or put more time and effort into the game. Plus, 2. if you see the scrolls you might be more likely to occasionally use them (willingly) in battle, while if you decide ahead to hide/remove them, that occasional scroll wouldn’t happen either. 

I have the opposite problem. Sometimes when I click on a spell, it just moves my king in that direction -__- I can’t even count how many units have died because of a failed Shield spell. Or how many seconds lost because of failed screams.

Well, that answers my question. Created a new topic on this (oops) Absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. My son and I have been having a lot of fun playing this together, but this is taking most of the fun away. Why bother playing tourneys to win gems when they are so easily wasted? I have no problem spending a few bucks on some games, and have been considering doing so here, but no way I will do that now. Looks like it’s time to move on and find another game we can enjoy together.