? Ally alliances destroy all the joy/war system must be changed

The ally alliances (i will say coward alliances) at war is a major and disappointing problem. That coward alliances destroy the all joy of wars. They have the rank, but clearly they do not deserve their rankings.

What have to do? Do we have to find ally alliances too? I bet i can find many… But that is not the competition… Ranks mean nothing wihout respect. That acts proove that current war system has a problem and must be changed… 

? Hellslord ?

The Reaper of Souls

Absolutely. Each Wars I face alliance 5 times bigger than me and more stronger and more active. So the matchmaking don’t work well. in the 3rd Wars I was match with alliance Rank 1 (I mean Rank 1 in Wars not in leaderboard lol) full of 3k,4k and 5k during times I have only members at 600,1000 and 2000. So the chance was at 0% to win any wave

I don’t know if that work by torch but its not really fun to always face bigger alliance in Wars in all side 

this game need radical change seriously. I lose all my members one by one because they stop playing. 1 week ago my alliance was full and was very active. Now since few days I lose everyone. Pass 18/18 to 11/18 and I have a feeling many have quit and I will see more inactive soon and will be forced to kick them. Its not fun really. Something don’t attract new player in this game. Bad resources or the time needed to improve stuffs take too long I don’t know but its start to be frustrating. I want to play with people who are serious but seem to be hard to find in this kind of game. Maybe the Wars system is too much demanding in time its awful. 

This war system is very good!!

Please stop cry and play

please don’t say this, @Hellslord does not cry. what Hellslord says is true, also the Hellslord interventions on this forum are always right and we all respect and appreciate the things he says

Please stop cry and play

The game is very good nowadays, the players when they play will have to work on their behalf and for the team the war system is not going anywhere, what we are supposed to be we do not have the patience for the next war

Many thx Vasudeva. I am happy to put  a positive impression on you. Thx again. 

Dear friends, we know CaptainMorgan said that the war system will change and he ordered suggestions from us. The point that i want to take attention is the rankings are somewhat constant at first 10-20-30-40 whatever. Most of you know better than me, the alliance powers are very smilar at these ranks. I bet especially high ranked alliances are frequently match with eachother And i bet the wars at first 10 are mostly same (dumpster could clarify this). And i bet there are ally alliences exist. I know because i encountered that couple at this war. Sharing the map with an ally allieance makes huge but unfair difference, because if they have border they are secured from  that border. If not having a border they could gang the other teams.

If 2 alliance attacks you for 3 days, it hurts. I mean i played a war session that the results are known from the beginning. This is not giving fun. 

I am sure the players care about their teams will understand what i mean and CaptainMorgan and Chris too. 

The war system must not allow obvious gang bangs. There are many solutions:

War based on rounds and 1vs1 battles (exact solution).  

Or a team could not attack more than consecutive 2 battles against another team (might be a solution and brings more variabilities) 

Or i do not remember exactly but Dumpster said times ago: a chance to fortfeit (hope the word is true, team sacrifice an attack chance and shields their islands for a turn…). 

Anyway the war system will change and i wonder how will it be so much.  It is fun for me to hear your thoughts… It is fun to read anything about the game, suggestions, hints, problems etc. Thx. 


the Russians in the top will have to stop at some point what they do because they destroy the whole game

@CaptainMorgan I told you a lot about them and you have to do something about it.

the Russians in the top will have to stop at some point what they do because they destroy the whole game,     War is not fair and clean most top alliances work with mercenaries

Isn’t there any policy about not posting the same thing twice?

The two Russian Alliances are probably the only two that have built up and not merged, almost every other alliance at the top is a result of merging. So I fail to see why it’s their fault they are strong? Also, all the top Alliances do deals, it’s the way it is.


Get stronger, recruit good players and Keep them. 

Or, make yourself a top player and join them.

I do not mean that I mean something else that most people know about what is happening here

The Russians are the result of a dirty game

Yeah, always those pesky Russians, right? 

Apart from flat and unappealing Cold War allusions, what I have to say is that alliances are deeply rooted in any global Inter-Alliance competition system. This is the part of the strategy that makes most of the leaders spend only 30% of their time actually playing the game in MMOs (The study may be a little bit too old now, feel free to prove me wrong) (Less so in MMORTS, since we have fury, ambrosia and stuff to limit our activity anyway). Politics are important and, in my opinion, are extremely beneficial for the game.

With that said though, the devs gave us the perfect field for such Big Games, calling for politics and cooperation… While omitting the means of communication. And I am not talking about advanced features, such as a built-in google.crap translator yet, we don’t even have the means of private messaging, global chats or alliance description (For not always the General is the one controlling the Alliance). Without this solved, alliances would always be limited to those capable of contacting each other, which explains how the two Russian alliances are cooperating, whereas, say, Spartans and Brazilians would have a harder time.

My take on that is simple: everything is linked. The things this community is begging for (new war system, communication system, balance tweaks, etc.) are all connected, meaning that amends have to be made to any to impact the others. There are myriads of solutions, ranging from focusing on proper communication system implementation to the separation of AW into global and tournament devisions to Introducing features like Alliance Bases or by-culture matchmaking (would be crap, but its a solution). Lets stick to suggesting those over blaming Russians, Chinese, Global Warming or Wife (Alright, this one you may actually blame).


P. S.The point of the topics like this is to suggest and discuss issues and not making holly wars over who is right, who is wrong and who should be dismissed. Lets make it a concise and seminarian-like discussion, so people making this game can easily read and consider what every single one of us has to say. This is my plea to everyone involved.


I dont think there is a law, but generally people do avoid duplicates. I believe, moderators normally merge those in a single topic, but it heavily varies with every forum.

Epic ???

Yes, they can not find a solution to a direct issue @Infamous

Wars at the top stink. They’re way more fun in lower ranks. You get a lot of variety in who you face and you can move up or down the leaderboard quickly. Without an end to war, some kind of championship, at the top it’s just a game of who can last the longest before they get bored or frustrated. I hope it’s fixed soon!