Alpha Guard **Top 200 Alliance**


Alliance Level 65- English - Ranked Top 200


Being a member of Alpha Guard isn’t just about playing a game on a phone to kill some time. It’s about being a part of a team that respects one another on a fundamental level. We don’t compete just to score points for ourselves or just to get another uber. We do it because we want to see the team win. For the success of the team, we devote to this cause 100% of our effort!

We also understand that members have real lives outside this game and we have a pass system for events- simply advise a general in advance that you won’t be able to participate in an event or if you won’t be able to donate for a period of time. Communication is a must! Respect is a two-way street.

By following these principles, we can focus on having fun and fighting like hell! We have a Line app chat group to assist with gaming advice and alliance announcements- let’s face it, in game chat doesn’t cut it… Downloading the app isn’t required but highly recommended to get the best experience out of your time with our alliance.

Now, take a look at our video for a taste of what to expect!


Permanent Boosts:


War boosts used (as needed):



Our Beasts:




Our Requirements:


2500+ trophies

150k+ donations

3 successful attacks on 3 different opponents minimum in most wars

All 6 attacks as needed in close wars

Complete all 30 islands in ninja events

Participate in Conquest as directed



If we are full or you have any questions, send a friend request to one of our generals. Or you can always message us here in the forums as well.

Party on and let’s rock!!!




War season has begun and we are off to a great start! But, we could always use some new blood. We have our own Royal Revolt 2 guides in our Line chat. We are very active and growing. Come be part of our rise to the top! Go Alpha Go!


We have had to get rid of folks for not helping in wars and now have more openings.

Bump, won 2nd place this past war season.

Come join us for Insta knights through war season.


2nd place this past war season. We could have used a few extra bodies, but we have already got them now. A few slots left open! Join us and be part of our in-house defense competition!

Won first place past war season, bump it up.

I like to join your alliance but I’m not at level fifty yet I just started playing about an week ago and I’m at level 28 and close to 900 trophies but I play daily and aim to keep playing. I know you have a requirement but I’ll break into that soon. 

We have that requirement based mainly off of the opponents we face in war season. Typically, the lowest member of our opponents are at that level. War season isn’t fun when you can’t fully participate, hence the requirement.

But, I’ve sent you a friend request and you will be definitely welcome if you stay active and continue to grow.

Have a few openings and looking for some good fighters!


Free Beer!! :slight_smile:

Oh, was I supposed to save those ones for the new folks? Oh well there’s still a few left…  :stuck_out_tongue:


We just added storm cannons to our 24/7 Permanent boosts  :slight_smile:

Just unloaded a bunch of slackers. Looking for a small alliance interested in merging into us. Need about 10 good, fighting members. Interested parties, please reply here or send me a friend request in game.

ign: AlphaBeavis

Just finished the season with back to back war season wins at #1. Have 4 openings for war fighters. 

3 slots open now. Did I say we use Line app for out of game chat and base layout review? Perms boosts plus even more boosts in war. Not bad for our requirements, apply now!