Alpha RW looking for players. Wars are important

Hi I’m tegster leader of Alpha RW . We have around 6 spaces but can’t grow the guild until they are filled. we fight hard in wars or boot people. most players 1500-2500 trophies. looking for players or if small group wants to join us .

Any chance you would consider merging into our alliance? Our alliance is Alpha Guard. We are level 31 and ready to go to 32. We run knights and archers permanent boost. We can easily have 8 slots for you, probably more once we kick a few slackers.

I sent you a friend request, ign: AlphaBeavis


Alpha RW fan of Rising Warriors(RW) ??? ??? wanna merge with my brand new ally just make last war season now 29 going lvl 30today I know for quick on lvling ally add me Saleem/dath_dorl thank.


:v:Founder/old leader of RW :v: