Already left?

Has he already left?

Sad. He was an Inspiration. Thx for your work!!!

Man, that would suck, Opelle was a great player

You see Opelle is a smart guy and that why everyone like him. He have offer so much to the community and now he find the game boring and quit. Not do like others here who do trash talk all days like the top players who try to swallow the others their opinions about 4.0 change and try to make everyone accept it since 2 or 3 days with all useless comments who are so much annoying. Its a big piece who left in the game :slightly_frowning_face:  

if Flare was not so much stubborn to help him with Wikipedia maybe Opelle was still here. No Flare don’t have care of Opelle and you see the result.

Good luck man in your life Opelle. whatever the place you are or what you gonna next.

nope, he wasnt.  He was “a cry baby, noob, lazy to learn new strategies, using only one pal, inexperienced as rr2 player, probably poor…”.

Il reste de grands joueurs encore (moi?) ?

I thought my post was full enough of sarcasm :wink: Guess i have to make quotation marks bigger next time :slight_smile:

Lol, my bad, guess I just didn’t realize what you were trying to say

lol don’t worrie I don’t have understand. I was sure he was serious. Damn I am not good to see sarcasm post. Sorry