What is to be evaluated on the king?Strength, appearance or what?This is said with all due respect “children shit”.king Joelie not everything needs to be evaluated and rewarded above all.

kkkk… srry… just making an idea…

It’s okay. Was not meant unkindly of me.It should also only make sense is understandable

kkk… srry if we misunderstanding…  srry for my bad english…

personally a small “fashion show” wouldnt be the worst idea and could help people to stop using just one set of colors(of which i do this often) even without the gems


lmao you look like a bug :wink:

Nothing too spectacular. Purple, around 1.2k leadership and 7% gold boost.

But at the time I got it for free it was a nice upgrade from my 900 leadership crown :wink:


Btw such an android king is best accompanied by a bunch of awesome, cute green android knights! :grinning:

wtf thats what your knights look like?

Yes, on that theme.

Please note that this is the android happy birthday theme, celebrating a jubilee of some android version, and was given for free to android users, same as the android helmet. So just fitting to turn knights into android knights there :lol:

And btw also a nice example of what is possible with different themes :wink:

E.g. flare could turn knights into santa knights or pumpkin headed knights on the winter / graveyard theme, either all the time or at Christmas / Halloween… :slight_smile:

ooooo i like this!

Hero, it’s awesome!!!  :wink:



No no, I’m not defensive…I was asking to myself the connection between my post and my religion…only this… :slight_smile:

true it is a wide jump from your post to that question  lol

some metamorphose I wish when accelerating military. 


This is a good idea!