Alternative market / Secondary shop

I would like to suggest you something about RR2.

My Idea is to introduce a new feature to the Granny’s shop. A global store where players can sell items they do not use. These items can be sold in any currency (gems, pearls, money), but in order to sell an item you will have to pay 15/20% of the price you choose. The items offered for sale in the store will only be available for 24 hours, after that if they are not sold will be returned to the owner. Objects can be purchased by any player, but they can only be used if you reach the required level. For example: A player (Lvl40) can buy an item Lv 130, but he can only use it at lvl 100.
Below there are some images of the proposed idea.

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What happens if the item has been forged?

Item preserve the forge you do.

This would hurt flares income immensely… Players would just buy ubers etc from other players instead of buying chests from flare

This has been discussed in the past several times and indeed, it would really hurt flare their revenues. 

flare already told it’s not going to be implemented in a subtle way.


For some reason when I read the topic title I immediately visualised a black market sort of thing, where you can buy shady items (boosts? powerups? girlfriends?) from a shady ogrish pirate salesman.

This alternative market wouldn’t hurt Flare at all. There would still be players that would buy Uber Chests from them to try to find better items to sell, and players that would sell old items for gems or pearls. I don’t think a player with an item with 6% skull bonus would sell it for less than 2000 gems. To put this item on the market, the player should pay the 20% of the price (400 gems) and it would be in there for 24hours only. If he/she manage to sell it it’s ok, otherwise he would have spend only 400 gems. The recirculation of pearls and gems could become huge and exponential, with a great income for Flaregames.

Note: An item could be sell 2 times only, to avoid people to take advantage of the situation, buying items for a lesser price and selling it for more just for the income.

That’s what you think. What do you now do with items you don’t want? Either you sell them for gold (bad choice) or melt them at blacksmith to gain some pearls in exchange for it.

And what do you do to get items you are interested in? You either wait and hope to find such an item, participate in a festival to buy it, forge legendary items and hope that an item gets the stat you hope to get or you remove a perk you don’t want (50 gems per try!) and hope for a better perk. This is all connected to the so called luck system and it could cost you a fortune or a lot of patience to get what you are looking for. To prevent this long search quest and patience you can alternatively spend a ton of gems and buy uber packages and hope you find it there or remove unwanted perks and hope for the best during next spin on the wheel of fortune (and skip cool down for gems to skip the waiting) .

And what happens after you found the perk? Then you just realize you need to forge it a lot of times to make it become handy for you. That’s called investing pearls and time. So the item still needs to be forged a lot of times to become close to max possible value on multiple stats. Do you still think that this alternative market won’t hurt flare at all? Items on a market would just cost a fraction of the real cost of first getting and later forging the item to the extreme. 

Do you know how many gems some paying players spend, just for the small hope to find an unique item and forge it afterwards to make it better? And how much pearls, gems (to skip cool downs) and time were invested to increase the value? To get enough pearls to forge an item to the extreme, you need a max blacksmith with all slots unlocked and even buy uber chests to melt gear for the thousands of pearls for forging all items you want to save to the extreme.

A market would even make blacksmith obsolete, unless very high forged items would have insane high gem prices. And that would mean that flare is the one who should determine the prices.  Are you willing to spend 20k-50k+ gems for a single item? Probably not and neither is 99% of the players.

For flare this is also not interesting. They want you to get an item and that you spend a lot of pearls (so invest in blacksmith to unlock all slots) plus time to forge an item to the extreme (and since we can forge 2-3 stats, it takes more than a year, unless we use a lot of gems to speed it up!).  And when that is ready, you notice the item is obsolete, since better items appeared. And than the process starts all over.

I even left out of scope that it depends on hero level what stats your items can have. Remember that while time passes by, items become obsolete. And flare wants you to invest in those new improved items, without giving you the chance to buy them for free. for items they have a market, called granny. That she doesn’t have all items, is true. 

Having said that, an alternative market is unattractive for flare and they said it before, they won’t implement it. 

Me too gg