Always eject from the game after the update.

  1. Always eject from the game after the update.
  2. Why is it more expensive trunks? 240,000, with an income of 40 000 attacks (:


I looked advertising - kicked. And do not give the chest.
And periodically emits just

Hello MrSinner, Regarding the cost of the cheats, Pete gave out an explanation in another topic:


Regarding your crashes, could you please let us know which device do you use, which OS version, which issue do you have exactly and when does it occur?

Sorry for the troubles and thank you for your understanding.

Same problem, after each free video chest game crashes and no chest when I reload the app.  iPad air running 9.3.2 and my iPhone 6+ running 9.3.2.  User nhenny2010.  Missed two chests already today…insert sad face here…actually two of them.


Edit: video for free chest basically completes and waiting for “close” button to return to game…instead app goes bye-bye…

Same for me. After watching an advert for a free chest the app crashes out and when I log back in, no free chest. Also twice today. IPad Pro on 9.3.2.

Now three times for me…3rd sad face

Same here with the latest update. Game crashes after watching an advert (at the end of the advert). Has happened 4 times for me - lost a lot of opportunities because of it :slightly_frowning_face:

i’m running IOS 9.3.2 on an iPad Air 2.

Thanks for a fantastic game otherwise!


Could you please let me know in which country do you live, and with which video does it happen?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, South Africa. Video ads varied: non-specific. The last one was for some card/casino based game. I don’t think this issue is country-specific though. 

USA, every video so far…5 videos, 5 app crashes, 0 chests, 5 sad faces

Hey Nhenny,

Could you please let me know if you are playing with mobile data or Wifi when you watch the videos?

Also, did you notice any connection troubles in the meantime?

Thanks a lot.

Last video was toy blast while on WiFi…no connection issues.  App is crashing.

The problem is not only in the chest with a bonus video! Also it is ejected from the game, and in other cases: in particular, can be thrown away when you check his defense (after such a battle throws in 80% of cases).

It turns out that the problem is not in the advertising, namely updating.

I have already lost 4 chests, if I am not mistaken. I play and through WiFi and 3G. Version 9.3.2. (iOS)

Just an update - it seemed as though a fix was made earlier today because I received a single advert-earned chest without issues/crash. However, since then I have watched 2 ads and haven’t received any chest at all (no crash but no chest either).

Hey Matapo and davejr,

Could you please give me your ingame name?


You do something ilm not? Who was boring to play, because there is ambrosia. Already 6 chests of rekoamy missed throws of the game

Thanks Alysea, you have PM :slight_smile:

Video-rewards workin fine in Austria - just for your information. I heard of similar problems some time ago with players from switzerland in RR2, so it really might be based on the country you are playing from.