Always Online players

It gets tough to collect gold for mid level players by attacking players through auto search player option ingame…So only way left is to find a player who usually keeps lot of gold…but i mostly come across players who are active lyk all the tym…so can’t raid them…bt that’s not fair…player is active or not…what does it have to do with our raiding…and i also noticed some players are always online but they actually aren’t…if i try to raid them …few tyms it shows can’t raid because they are online…but in few more try i am able to raid there bases…and when i try to raid there base again…player online note comes again…how is that possible…they can’t be logging in logging out…whole day?

Do something about it…make it lyk…we can raid any player…active or not… shouldn’t matter?

I noticed that too. Even if you tick the “currently offline” checkbox it gives you tons of players who appear as online. Might be, they are attacked right at the moment (which also indicates “online” status) but for me it seems that the search-function is not ok here - i dont think, that 10 of 10 "offline" members cant be attacked.

Players can also appear as online if your game version is lower than the persons you are trying to attack.

If a player is online for 4 hours (if I remember correctly) you will be able to attack him.

Thanks! I did not remember the version-thing. 

Yes, if a player is being attacked at the moment you click your attack icon, the “online” box will come up. Sad that it says online. It should say player is being attacked