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Would someone from VL like to comment on the availability of your current #1 player, he has been always on-line for the last 7 days. I know that as an alliance you don’t have the best of names in terms of your win at all costs attitude and manipulation of the game, but seriously do you think it does your alliance any favours when you have such blatant cheating taking place so obviously, and it appears with your blessing as you are still housing him.


I’m pretty sure he will leave you this afternoon to escape any potential hits during the AW, for the sake of your credibility I suggest you don’t take him back if he does.

Man. Totally called it, Drum! He’s down to a piddly alliance. 


Flare, use your Super Sonic Blast and nuke his account. 

I was waiting for a thread like this, finally someone woke up ! Thanks you drum to create this topic, i’m talking seriously !

I don’t want to accuse nobody but as expected he changed alliance (lvl 31) for the AW ! I was looking me too in the last days his status leaderboard and i saw only that he growed up continuously with trophies…and unless he is an alien with some special resistence to sleep, it’s impossible that he was always online…very disgusting…

In any game the company is responsible of monitoring the game’s parameters and at least the most prominent players game style. It is indeed disgusting that after so many days nobody inside Flare did anything, knowing very well that will sour everybody toward the game. Or maybe they just don’t care, their projections already show that the game is losing players fast and they just gave up and don’t allocate any more resources to it.


Ok, I burst out laughing here. I have no opinion on the matter at hand but I needed to salute a nice piece of wordsmithing!


Posts in the forum are generally so depressing that I think the good/funny ones deserve to be called out!


Cheers to oPelle for brightening my afternoon!


Knight Gallant

"Hi guys,


It does not look like that he is cheating, instead he is very strong and plays a lot.





Pete, Re the above, I can respond on the original post, as you locked it.


He isn’t always online now, but for a calendar week last week he was while flare was absent from this forum, I know kings from all around the world tried to attack him 24/7 and not one got through, he continually swapped out of alliances to make sure no one could hit him during AW too, much of this time he was also without an alliance and camped on.

I can tell you the answer!

iran power use the account from Hsmk(Sk) maybe he give up and sold his account!

Iran power is a multi user account! A group of players play with 1 account!


Yeah, you can do this on Windows. It’s kind of creepy. Can anyone else corroborate this info?


Or is it Flare messing with us? Or maybe it’s an SK conspiracy. Or maybe it’s the System finally gaining self-awareness, readying itself to overthrow the Internet. 



Pete from the developers already answered to this question in the Bug Forum.

Here is his answer

Posted Yesterday, 11:31 AM

Hi guys,


It does not look like that he is cheating, instead he is very strong and plays a lot.




 No way on EARTH someone can stay online 24 Hours  7 days a week. People you need common sense not what a program is telling you. So if an Athlete uses a substance which is not allowed but doesn’t come out on test, makes him/her  alright no?  So having an automatic refresh page set it up on windows makes this guy OK? In Apocalypse we have players from all around the world .The only time we got him was when he probably didn’t paid the internet bill or has had no internet connection.

  Jack you have an account now on RR2 .Why don’t  you try to attack him or any of your friends.And we will talk after.Let us know when you did attack him. …I’m afraid you will never come up with any news unless you get him in the war as we did.

There are few players in the pass also stay online for few days when they reach top 1 for the first time. A week without sleep probably too long, but someone mentioned this account is played by few people. If that true, then probably he didn’t use any program.

Jack, Pete?


Do flares allow a single account, held by a group of players? Don’t think so… Cause the consequences will be very strange for the game.


Don’t believe even for a second, that any single human can stay online more than 48 hours, even if he has won the Olympics.


What happened? In the past, cheaters were banned immediately… Is cheating encouraged now?  

Hi Edward,


Cheating is of course not encouraged, but how should we verify if an account is held/played by various people? With some effort we could do this, but honestly, I think it is a pretty boring experience for the players. So if this happened at all in the past, it does not last long.





Hi Pete,


Absolutely understand your problem of proof here.

But I’m sure you draw a red “?” marker on some users. Cheaters never stop. They will continue. Eventually, there will be enough proof for Flares. Like the saying “the end of the thief is a hanging post”

This is our hope here.





Does it matter if a couple of people decides to  team up and stay online forever? What does he have to gain? That number 1# rank? Other than that they’re just wasting huge effort and time on a GAME!