Always the chamber of fortune problem...

The update was for That no ? On Windows it changes nothing. What ? We have to seem poors ? ?

Anyone else still has the issue while having the version 2.5.4 of RR2?

It crashed for me too. I am also using windows phone and updated the game to 2.5.4. Before this, I never faced the crashing problem.

indeed after trying to fix the crash for android and ios systems, windows users suffers too.

The crash on iOS and Android from Thursday had nothing to do with this.

The fix was for the crashes prior chamber of fortune (among others).

Would it be possible for the windowsphone users to have your crash dump file?

how sorry i don t understand

I still get the occasional crash… :slightly_frowning_face: Windows10. Not as bad, but still disappointing.

My ogres cry because I feed them only with food from the CoF.

where to find these files?

If you enable the developer mode on your device and connect the device to your PC, you should be able to find those.

Should work for Windows 10 too maybe.

So far no crash. But until now no doom gate. Will keep you informed.

I t still bug for me on Nokia Lumia 530 with the last version

On PC with Windows 10 build 14926 work like a charm. No crash,no bug,etc… since few months. Long time I don’t have see crash or problem on PC
. I feel bad for the others :slightly_frowning_face: who use other platform

But right now on PC its ok no problem,no issues keep your informed if something happen

Just confirmed after version 2.5.4, i didn’t get any crash so far in my laptop which is running Windows 10. I waited a long time just to wait FG fix this. Thanks to developers :slight_smile:  

Same here, thx to devs I didn’t have any crash this event :slight_smile:   

Indeed no crash so far. Can only confirm it when I raid a doom gate again, since that was the reason why it crashed.

Thanks to the Dev-Team,

no crashes so far on 2 Windows10-64bit-PC´s including the full Ninja-Event. Before 2.5.4 i had approx. 2 Cof-Crahses within 10 Battles…