will cof crashes be credited to players…we could use an answer to know if we should continue. i dare say its rather clever starting these events on frtday…flare goes home for weekend leaving players with unanswered questions and tons of frustration…which winds down b4 monday

Hi gypsyrose,

I don’t think the support will credit the coins that one didn’t receive because of a crash before the chamber of fortune unfortunately.

One can try his luck, but more likely it will not happen.

please look at your bug section …all those players lost 1st cuz of flare…all of them

I could answer that myself. Flare will tell you they are sorry, thank you for the feedback and that’s about it.

Far as the ninja event, If you are looking for good gold and medals and a chance at some pearls then yes. If you are looking for “fair”,  if you looking for no crashes or bugs, you’re not going  to find it anytime soon in the ninja event.