Alysea's challenge - Helen's seduction

seductivehelen.pngHelen, also known as the Lady of Sorrows, is not famous for her fighting skills, but rather for her incredible beauty. Bring her to the battlefield and she will charm even the most terrible beasts! Show us that you can make good use of her talents!


Challenge** Defeat your opponent by charming his -not so loyal anymore- troops and having them fight for you!**


  • Your goal is to defeat an opponent’s defense using Helen and no summoned troops
  • You have to submit a video that can be watched until the results are given
  • You must start the video before entering the battle and must end it once the battle is over. Your name , the name of your opponent , the defense layout and the result must be visible.
  • You are NOT allowed to use Invocations or summon Troops
  • You are NOT allowed to use Autoplay
  • You MUST attack another player on one of the islands on the world map
  • Deadline for the submission is Monday 12th December at 23:59 UTC+1

Additional note If defenses appear to be modified for this challenge, we reserve the right to disqualify the players at our discretion.



  • Everyone who manages to beat their opponent will receive 500 gems.
  • The 3 players who impress us the most with their seductive skills will receive a bigger reward. The final decision of who wins these prizes is left entirely at our discretion, and is not based on statistics! Characteristics which we may take into account when deciding include (but are not limited to): skill, opponent toughness, timing and flair.
    • 1st: 2000 gems
    • 2nd: 1500 gems
    • 3rd: 1000 gems

Good luck mighty warriors!

Hy I submit my video with Helen I am catalixxx



won at last second !



Second win with 4 seconds left




here is the uploaded video:


My IGN: DevilBlue



Please let me know if you can’t watch the video

Acient Forces member,


Ancient Forces represents.



Hey. by  MrSinner



hereby my video: 



My in game name: Draxzz

alliance: Ancient Forces

My fight with Helen. 

Username: holilioli


My Helen Attack, didn’t destroy everything but i won :grinning:

If a higher resolution version is required let me know.



-Spartan Wars

My name in game is: Greek Mockingjay

My Alliance is: Ancient Forces

This is the video:


Greetings All,

Here is my vid for the event,

Thank you!

Best Regards,

IGN: “Shadow?Scorpion”

“Ancient Forces” alliance officer.

My Helen so sexy   Extra points for calling my shot and leaving Asculpis on there? I don’t need another damn offensive spell.


I’ve uploaded the video on YouTube at this link

Thank you.



in game name: Cesar Melons