Am I missing something or why is this game so messed up?

In today’s maintenance, apparently this was changed:

  • Less Ice Weakness for Paladins

But if you check the stats on Paladins, there is no Ice Weakness listed there to begin with. How is anyone supposed to know what their weakness is at all? Why does this company completely withhold important information from the players, then claims to have made changes to that exact information, and it still remains fully invisible and not mentioned anywhere?

I’m still waiting for your promised fix for Monk Stat window to show their Healing Range - you promised to fix that nearly 2 months ago, how can making 1 line of text appear again be so difficult?

Check again. They reversed that change due to problems with connection for many players. A few minutes ago they brought it back so it should be there I guess

Change is back.   But now I have seen disconnects 3 times.  

I am not able to log in only .


So changing one numeric value for one unit causes connection issues…

Who wrote this game, Flotha’s cat? :wacko:

They’ve put a lot more into the server side update than these small changes, hence the problems.  Testing these type of changes at scale is very difficult, unless they have traffic replay tech in place, or have a good performance test suite.

At least they are trying to bring updates.  Looking forward to it. As long as they work.?. Stable now

We will add these 2 stats display changes in a future version, not the next one. The focus was made on solving the biggest issues first and introduce new ways to improve gameplay experience, as well as… some new big surprises :slight_smile:

They will be fixed.

Bs started

when will be post? And why in war, Flotha?

The post is here: