amazing rewards!!! ? thx

when needed to give good feedback, good to say too… 

Thanks Spartecus, glad you like them.

Madlen just quick question regarding pro chests in conquest. Is it normal to get enchanted rewards not only pro?


Personal rewards were great. Thanks again for pushing for them.

I was expecting 50 millions alliance gold for each member. What happened?

Yes we were as well.  The amount given doesn’t even equal 1 day of full team donations.  Nor even close to what the alliance spent on conquest.  

The way it was pictured led us to believe it would be per person like the other rewards? 


Hmm one more topic saying thanks for the Conquest rewards?.. Maybe I was the one expecting too much?? ?

I could understand if this was about the Pal Chests only, those are indeed amazing (thanks very much, Flare). But rewards in general?

I mean,

  • Pro Chests were kinda good, I got 4 items. One that I was planning to buy and one just to be melted, and then I got those same 2 items on the second chest, unlucky me. 
    But there shouldn’t be those low value enchanted rewards inside them, only Pro level. This is not nice:


But… what else?

  • ~200 gems, welcome but not impressive after such a long duration event
  • ~4.000 pearls, still a very low reward, considering the new schedule for events
  • 40 million gold, enough to prolong only 1 single boost for almost 6 of the 10 days until next Conquest 

Heck I was just expecting the proper rewards for the tier we were in? Instead we got rewards for tier below us? Of course by the time we log in flare is gone for the day. 

So maybe we will see our proper rewards before monday?

Everyone should be checking that the rewards you got were the proper amount for the tier you were in when conquest started!!

Amazing reward??? Nice joke jajajaj.

Yes. The rarity is not only pro, but if you find an hero-item it is guaranteed to be a pro item. Also, it is guaranteed that at least one reward is pro. Please note that this may be subject to change. We are still looking very closely at the community feedback.

Now this was a joke “may be” :wink: On monday 2 + 2 = 4 and on friday 2+2 = 3 :).  Those chests are PRO or they are not?. All of the rewards should be pro. Isnt it called PRO CHEST - same as the PRO LEAGUE ones?